13 Jan 2001 - Nicko's Travels

On Board Lan Chile flight #440
Buenos Aires to Santiago.
Two o clock pm.

Well, well, well,
Good day to you all boys and girls.

As you will have observed, I'm sitting yet again on another 'Kin airplane. Very nice you may think but I can tell you I've had just about enough of the old flying for a while. I'm sorry to be winging on a bit but that's 'Kin life on the road for you.

Since we last spoke the Mighty Maiden have performed two shows, one in Mexico City, the other in Buenos Aires.

The show in Mexico was on Tuesday the ninth of January. I arrived from Miami that afternoon as I decided to stay the previous night with me family. We played at a place called Foro Sol. It's an outdoor venue and I can tell you the 'Kin weather was atrocious that night. Pissing with rain and very cold. It didn't dampen any of the fans spirit, truly amazing. The gig was brilliant, although there were some sound problems here and there due to the fact that we were using rented gear and the power kept fluctuating.

We ploughed on through regardless. We had a great show. Dean Carr and Arturo were with us, they had flown in from L.A that afternoon with a couple of people to start work on the DVD that we're doing. They were filming some off stage stuff and a few interview bits, that kind of thing. Dean is such a blast and Arturo as well. Arturo, [his name is really Arthur], he's the producer; he was filming around my tubs at both the shows. This DVD is going to be so good.

The Buenos Aires trip was a blast. I flew down from Mexico on the tenth. It was another 'Kin night flight. I had to be at the airport at eight o clock to check in for a nine forty-five departure.

Bruce was on the same flight. Earlier in the day he changed his plans from a different carrier and an earlier flight.

I was glad that he did as I was originally going to be on my own. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with a host of problems. First the computer was down and the agents were writing all the necessary stuff out by hand. Then they told Bruce that he didn't have a seat in Business. Well that didn't go down to well I can tell you.

The lady at the desk was very helpful though. She really did her best to sort things out.

After about three quarters of an hour the computers were back on line. This was a Godsend I can tell you. The lady sorted Bruce's deal out and we were soon on our way through emigration.

We boarded the plane and were on our way by ten o clock. The plane was a new 767, very comfortable, good seats and nice service. They also had a great selection of Chilean red wine on board. Bruce and I decided to try them all. There were six to choose from. Very pleasant but I can't remember which one was our favourite. Never mind.

We arrived into Buenos Aires at eleven o clock on the morning of the eleventh of January. I was shagged I can tell you. The flight was great but I hate flying overnight. When we got to the hotel I had a bit of a siesta.

On the Friday, [12th January] I had a drum show in town. I started off by going to a local drum shop and signing some autographs. That took a couple of hours and then it was on to the venue to set up the tubs and do the show. I had a blast. It kicked of at six in the evening and I was done by seven-thirty. The kids in the audience were just truly amazing the reception that they gave me I shall never forget. Thank you to all the people that invited me and to everyone that helped put the show together. Buenos Aires you Rule.

That evening the band and myself all went out for dinner with our record company. It was a blast. Over dinner I arranged to go and have a game of golf. The plan was to meet in the lobby the next morning at eight thirty and take a one-hour drive out of town to the course.

Man it was a great place, trouble is I've forgotten the 'Kin name of the gaff. Great golf though. Played OK but it didn't matter, just being out in the country was so perfect. We got back at a little after four and I went and had a snooze before the show.

We left the hotel for the gig at seven-ish and on our arrival we had a couple of meet and greets to do. I did a little piece for the DVD and then it was time to get ready for the show. We had a fantastic show that evening. The fans were just amazing. We all thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and people.

Thank you everyone who was there for such a perfect time.

Well boys and girls time to go.
Take care and may God bless you and keep you all safe

Love Nicko.

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