09 Jan 2001 - Miami towards Mexico

9 o'clock AM
On board AA2199
Miami to Mexico.

Well boys and girls I'm sitting on a plane going down to Mexico City. I flew home on Monday to spend the night with my family and took an eight o'clock flight this morning, which gets me in at ten-thirty local time.

On the weekend we played two shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire that were just fantastic times I can tell you.

The Saturday evening show kicked off at seven forty-five with our pals Dirty Deeds taking the boards for a forty -five minute set. I didn't get to see them as I arrived at the show a little later than planned. I had arranged to meet my dear friends Jimmy Marshall and Pauline for an early dinner. My son Nicholas was with us and Jim's driver, Chris. Nice guy, good driver as well.

We had dinner at my all time favourite Chinese restaurant in Southgate North London called the Honeymoon. I've been going in there over the last thirty-two years and it is absolutely the greatest. We had a fantastic crispy aromatic duck followed by some chicken chow mien accompanied with egg-fried rice followed by vanilla ice cream, which Jim and I had, and a banana fritter that Nick had. Oh how could I forget? We started with the Honeymoon special soup. It is a broth with meat and prawns and all sorts of veggies, very nice I can tell you!!!!

We left the restaurant at around seven-thirty and went straight to the venue. I had a fantastic time. There were lots of old and some new pals there that I had not seen for a while. Phil Hilborn and Chris his lady turned up, as always a great pleasure to see them both. Martin Conelly, Henry Mitchell and his lady Sue were there as well as my sister Ann and my brother Geoffrey, Alan Savile and his missus Wendy John and Joan Cartwright, Meatball, and Rick the original Chicago mutants were there as well. We all had a great time.

The gig was really rocking considering that we played our last gig seven weeks before. The house was jumping!!!!

Sunday night was a wee bit different than Saturday in as much as I was feeling really tired. I think I went a little bit over the top on Saturday's performance and took a bit more out of meself, poor old git, what can I say? I still had a great time none the less.

The fans were great both nights.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a heart felt THANK YOU to all the guys and girls that waited back stage to say hello and get a few things signed after both shows. It was bitter cold on both of those evenings and it meant a lot to me to see you all standing there with a big grin on your faces none the less disheartened by the cold. God Bless each and every one of you.

Johnny B turned up and my lad Nick arrived after spending the day with his mum and step dad. It was great to see you JB. You are truly missed my friend, sorry I didn't get to see you after the show!!!!!

Oh I forgot to tell you Nick started work for the company on Thursday the fourth of January. Well done my son. He's working in the I.T department on the old computers. I will take this opportunity to wish him all the best and success in his new job. I love you very much.

Well we've not to long to go now until we arrive at Mexico City airport so until the next diary, stay safe and well. I wish you all a most fantastic healthy and wealthy New Year. I hope the spirit of our great Lord God will touch you all.

Love Nicko.

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