05 Jan 2001 - Onwards! Mexico via London

5th January 2001.
6 o'clock Friday evening.

Well, well, well,
How are you all????

I have had the best Christmas and New Year ever; I sincerely hope that your's has been as Blessed as mine???

I've really been doing a whole lot of nothing actually. Lovely jubbly!!!! Of course lots of golf and hanging with my boys and getting into loads of trouble with the missus, that sort of stuff, you know what I mean you guys, don't you!!!!!

Well as you will have gathered, The Mighty Maiden have had a wee rest over the last seven weeks and we have all been taking it easy. We've just started to work again as of Wednesday. We had a rehearsal at Nomis on the Wednesday and Thursday and it was really great to be back firing up with the guys. We had a great couple of run throughs and are ready for our two warm up shows on Saturday and Sunday at the Shepherds Bush Empire here in good old blighty before we cross the pond to start the South American tour.

We kick that off on Tuesday the ninth of January in Mexico City. I'm looking forward to this leg as it's summer time down South of the equator.

I do have a bit of bad news though, my house in London was broken into just before Christmas by the next door neighbour, he broke in by taking the tiles off the 'Kin roof and sawing a 'Kin hole in the roof and getting in that way. He then got shit faced on some booze that he found in a cupboard and then before he could nick anything he passes out in me bed, can you 'Kin believe this? Any way the security company guy that attended the gaff to see what was occurring finds this asshole asleep and tries to wake im up thinking that he was I.

He couldn't wake him up so he called the old bill that on arriving at me drum arrested the wanker and took im downtown.

I had the call from a friend to tell me that the police wanted to talk to me so I gets on the old dog and bone and has a word with the officer in charge of the nick and he tells me that I need to see him when I arrive back in blighty. OK.

So not 'Kin ten days later there's another 'Kin break in through the same 'Kin hole in the roof but this time the wanker, who ever it was - WHO DO YOU THINK????????? - trashes the top two bed rooms, is sick all over the master bedroom floor and has fallen through the 'Kin ceiling, I might add, and then decides to throw a 'Kin brick through the downstairs window to get out. 'KIN GREAT!!!! So on my arrival back into blighty I had to deal with all this crap.

I must say though that Jimmy my builder and his missus Vanessa and Jim's brother Charlie did a great job in tidying up my home for me. I was going to stay at a hotel in town for the six nights but it was a relief to find the place habitable. Thank you Jimmy and family!!!!!!!

Kin Wanker.

Who ever it was will surely get theirs some day!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!

So enough of all this downer crap. Oh yes on the day of the second break in I was due to have a round of golf with my Pastor and a friend of ours called Tom Herscovitze at a most splendid coarse called Boca Rio just up the road from me drum in Florida. We were going to meet at eight and hit a few before our eight thirty tee off. So I'm sitting in the clubhouse waiting to see who would turn up first and it was Tom. He asked me if I had seen Pastor David or Bernhard. I'm like who did he say, Bernhard, the only Bernhard I no is Bernhard Langer. No I'm thinking it couldn't be.

So we head up stairs to the driving range and there's Pastor D with Mr Langer whacking a few balls. I'm like this is fantastic, magic, unbelievable I am going to be playing a round of golf with a master. I have to tell you that although I played like a complete beginner I had the most fun time and enjoyable round of golf, ever.

Mr Langer is a top man and we all had a wonderful time together. Thank you Tommy for inviting me out for the day.

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