12 Nov 2000 - Essen and Job Interviews


On board Olympic Airlines Flight #269
Athens to London.

Well, well, well,
How the Ouzo are you boys and girls?
I'm doing fine thank you.
Just a small hangover, nothing too serious.

On Monday the sixth we had a rescheduled show in Essen. We had a flight out of Heathrow at one-thirty. I arrived at the airport at eleven twelve o clock and proceeded to the lounge in departures. On the way through I bumped into me old mate Phil Collins. He was on his way somewhere with his wife and family. It was great to see him again. The last time that we saw one another was back in the eighties when Phil was on the road with E.C. Man what a band that was. Phil on tubs, Gregg Phillingaines on keys and Nathan East on the old bass, 'Kin rocking I can tell you. One of the best gigs that I ever had the pleasure to see, it was at the Target Centre in Minneapolis USA. It was a magic evening.

So after a wee chat I headed into the BA lounge and had a cup of Rosie. They called the flight and when we got to the gate they had a change of mind and stopped boarding passengers. There was something wrong with a part on the aircraft and so had to wait for a replacement. We made our way back to the lounge and another cup of Rosie and a snack. The flight was delayed about an hour and we were on our way by two thirty.

The gig that evening was great. There were seven thousand-five hundred crazy Germans in the room and we had a blast I can tell you. Ozzy Hoppy our promoter was there and we had a few libations together back at the hotel. Rod also came over and so there was a really nice party atmosphere after show. A magic evening.

We all had a 'Kin hangover that morning and none of us were feeling very good. We all looked the worst for ware. I made my way back to my place in London and met with Nick. We had a two o clock meeting with a guy from our office called Anil. Nick is going to be starting work at Sanctuary House. He is going to work on computers.

We discussed Nick's start date and salary arrangements and what Anil wanted [course wise] for Nick to start on. He's going to be going to a learning tree facility at Euston. He starts the first of two courses on the twenty-eighth of the month. He was a wee bit nervous at first but he soon felt at ease and got right into the plan.

After the meet I dropped Nick at Paddington station and he caught the five-fifteen back to his mums in Weston. The next day he had planned to go and visit his new Richard up in Scarborough [that's as in Richard the third --- BIRD boys and girls] He made it even with the problems with train cancellations and bad weather. Oh young love!!!!

So that meant I was all on me lonesome again. I miss having my boy with me. Crickey, he's grown so much since I last saw him. He had a real bounce in his step as he walked down the platform to board the train. Well at least it wont be long until I see him. He's coming over to spend Christmas with the family in Florida.

Well we're about to land in blighty so I'll have to go now.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless.
Love Nicko

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