10 Nov 2000 - Nicko's UK Tour

8:10 pm
On board Olympic Airlines #0270.

Well, well, well,
Good day boys and girls.
Yes I'm fine thank you.
How the blows are you?

Well as you can gather I'm on me way to Athens. We have a show there tomorrow.
I shall be reporting on that in a later diary.

After we arrived back in blighty we had a couple of days to get over the flippin flight, [not 'Kin long enough] and then it was onto our first blighty show up there in Glasgow. We flew up on the day of show and it was a beautiful day, a lovely change from the very bad weather that England has been having over the last month or so.

When we flew in from Japan I was amazed at how much water there was on the ground. It really brought it home to me how much crap weather there had been. You kind of get removed from the entire goings on when you're so far from home. You know, you watch the news and see the pictures but it's nothing like seeing the real thing to bring it on home and realise how bad it is.
Keep you head up people, we need to stand together and take the bull by the old horns!!!

So we arrived at our hotel at around four-thirty in the afternoon and we had discussed doing a sound check at five o clock but Dave and myself were feeling the worst from the Blighty 'Kin Jet Lag and we decided that a wee siesta was well in order. I had a kip until seven and then got up and got ready to go over to the gig. Fortunately our hotel was right next door to the SECC. Great, only a one-minute drive to the gig.

We hit the stage at eight-fifty. The place went wild. I love playing in Scotland; most definitely the craziest crowds are to be found up North I can tell you. We had a great gig, even though we were a bit the worst for ware. We were recording the show as well and I think that helped us stay focused on the job at hand. After the show I had a massage and then headed over to the hotel and had a reasonably early night. I was in me kip for one o clock and had a very pleasant sleep.

I awoke to another beautiful day and took breakfast at eight-thirty. After, I took a stroll down the bank of the River Clyde. The hotel and SECC are built on the site of the old Ship builders and there is a pleasant walk to be had along the old docks.
We had a show in Manchester that evening. Originally we were going to get there by train but because of the weather a lot of the Northern line trains were in chaos. So Coxie decided to book us on a British Airways flight just in case. We left at twelve thirty and made our way to the airport. The flight was a mere one-hour, lovely. After we arrived at the hotel I dropped my bags in the room and popped over the road to a pub for lunch. I had a portion of fish and chips and a pint, also there were a bunch of guys there that were going to the show that evening. I sat with a group of four guys and we had a great chat about music and the band. Thanks guys for a pleasant afternoon.

After lunch I went back to the hotel and had a meeting with Pete De Vroome, Andy T, Martin Haxby and David Gentle. They had all arrived from London that afternoon and had scheduled the individual meetings to kick off around four o clock. After mine I went and had a wee siesta. We left for the show at seven-thirty and met with a few folks at the gig We hit the stage at eight-fifty and had an absolute blinder. The gig was really rockin. Thank you Manchester for a most memorable evening.

The next day [Saturday the fourth] we had a show at the NEC Birmingham. We left Manchester at one o clock and made the drive to Birmingham in just over two and a half hours. I joined Dave, Tamara and their daughter Tarsha for lunch in one of the hotels restaurants. After lunch I went to my room and relaxed for a while. My son Nicholas was driving up from London with my friends Martin Connelly and Henry and Sue Mitchell. They were due to arrive in Brum at around five o clock in the evening.

They got there on time and visited with me for a little while. They all went down to the gig early to grab something to eat and I grabbed the opportunity to have a wee siesta. I left for the show at seven-thirty. The hotel like the one in Scotland was right over the road from the gig. I checked out and was waiting in the lobby when a guy came over to me and introduced himself as Dumpy. He has a band called 'Dumpys' Rusty Nuts'. Martin plays bass with them so it was good to finally meet with one of my friend's band mates. He travelled with us over to the show. When we arrived a couldn't believe the amount of people that were milling around back stage, it was crazy. I ran away and hid in the dressing room for a little while. After a little time passed I went and had a bit of a warm up on my practice kit and was mobbed when all the children that were there descended on the little room I was in. Rods' boys Tom and Ben came in as well as Steve Lazs' boy Joey and Bruce's' clan, Austin and Griffin. It was fun to play for them. Of course I let them have a go. They all love to play the drums.

We took the stage at nine-thirty, a bit later than the first two shows. It was another great evening. The gig went really well and we all agreed it was a great Birmingham audience. There was a wee party after the show but I was feeling a bit nackered and so didn't make it up stairs to the party room. Thank you Birmingham for a fantastic evening. After the show Henry drove Nick, Sue and myself back to London. We didn't leave until one o clock and so didn't get home until two-thirty. We dropped Henry and Sue off and I drove the half mile or so home to my place. When Nick and I got in I realised that I didn't have my bag in the car and I started to get a little panicky. I called Coxie on his mobile but it was turned off. So I'm like really worried as to where I could have left it. I had my passport in it and all kinds of personal stuff. Well I just accepted the fact that I really couldn't do anything about it until later that day so I packed myself off to bed. It was a little hard getting to sleep but I eventually got off. I awoke at noon and proceeded to call up a few people. I eventually got a hold of Coxie and he said that he would get right on it. Ten minutes later he called back and said he had located the bag and that Adrian and Natalie had taken it home with them. I had left it in the old dressing room. As they were the last to leave they saw the bag sitting there on a chair and discovered that it was mine so held onto it for me, boy was I relieved I can tell you.

Well I'm going to go now.

See you soon.
God Bless you all.
Stay safe and well.
Love Nicko.

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