06 Nov 2000 - Nicko's Back In Blighty


British Airways Lounge
Heathrow Airport.

Well, well, well.
How the blazes are you all?
I bet you thought that I had forgotten you all. Didn't you???????
Well I haven't!!!!

I know it's been over a week since we all arrived back in Blighty but I've got to tell you that all the guys have been suffering with the dreaded Blighty 'Kin Jet Lag, 'Kin amazing. We only just get over the Nippon Jet Lag and then on our return to blighty we all get 'Kin messed up from that journey. You just can't win.

Well the last show in Tokyo was fantastic what a gig to go out on. We played the Tokyo Zepp, which is a club gig. 'Kin magic. There was a full house of two thousand and four hundred Billies and we rocked the house I can tell you!!!!!!!!!

After the show that evening we attended a charity bash at the old Hard Rock Café in the city. It was for the Make a Wish Foundation. We presented a cheque to the foundation from our record company EMI Toshiba, for Nine hundred thousand Yen, which works out to about Five thousand pounds. Thank you so much EMI Toshiba.

The proceeds from the drinks and food as well as the special Pins that the bellies could buy went to the foundation.

We had a great night although I left early, as I wasn't feeling to well. Earlier on the stage I had got a bad case of feeling Tom Dick and I had to ask Rusty to go get a bucket for me just in case I needed to do you know what. As it happened I felt so bad I even tried to make myself do the old up chuck. It didn't work I had the dry heaves.

I just got on with it and did the best I could. The audience were really great and that made it a lot easier to get through the show. A great big THANK YOU to all our fans in Japan that made this tour a most memorable trip, for myself I had the absolute best time. Thank you all. Also I'd like to thank Aki and all the guys' from Mr Udos' camp for such a successful tour, you were all great. Thank you very much for a great tour!!!!

Well we've since got on the old plane and are soon to be arriving into Dusseldorf Germany. We have a show there tonight but more on that in a later diary.

Oh yes I nearly forgot to tell you. When we arrived back in blighty on Monday last week on disembarking the plane [we had to go down the old stairs and then walk to the gate and go up it's stairs to the arrival hall] I turned around to look at the plane and I was totally blown away. The name on the side of the Virgin airplane was 'Maiden Tokyo' I was gob smacked I can tell you!!!!

Well it's time to go now. Again thank you to all of our most dear friends and fans in Japan. Remember in the words of Bruce 'you are the Brave New World'

Until we meet again. Stay safe.
God Bless you all.
Have a great Christmas and a 'Kin fantastic New Year.
Love Nicko.

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