28 Oct 2000 - Nicko Does Nagoya

On board the Hikari #176.
Bullet train from Nagoya to Tokyo.

Well, well, well.
We are having too much fun I can tell you.
This visit has been just the best!!!!
We have played some great gigs and a couple of not so great gigs. But boy it has been fun.

We just got offstage from our show at the Shi-kokaido in Nagoya. This venue reminded me of the old Newcastle City Hall in size and the old balcony set up. It was fantastic.

We took to the stage at six o'clock and were off at seven forty-five. No I didn’t play fast, you rotten lot you, how could you think that, TEEHEE. Bruce didn’t speak as much as he usually does, that’s why we came off stage a wee bit early ok. So we all had a great evening.

The show was a hoot and we played a blinder tonight. The sound was not the best, but we made up for that with the energy and vibe from the stage. Harry had a few problems with his rig tonight, but that didn’t stop him having a great time. We all enjoyed the show and were flying when we got offstage. As you have gathered, we needed to leave the gig fairly swiftly after we came off, as the old station was at least a twenty-five minute drive from the venue. We all took a shower [there was only one] and left for the station at eight-forty. When we arrived on the platform there were at least fifty billies waiting for us, so we spent the time signing and chatting to everyone until the train arrived. It was on time [take note BR, I think their bosses need to come over here and learn how to run a railroad] and we boarded the train at nine-nineteen.

On board today we have Wally ‘he raised the bet’ Grove, Steve ‘I only paid to see him’ Cox, Dave ‘I’ll see you’ Murray, Steve ‘you're winding me up’ Harris, Emma ‘I really enjoyed the market’ Harris, Stanley ‘Aladoor’ Harris, Jan ‘Whose birthday is it’ Gers, Adrian ‘I had a great Chinese dinner last night’ Smith, Bruce ‘I’m looking forward to Blighty’ Dickinson, Aki ‘ the Giants won’ Ueda and me good self.

Last night Jan, Dave, Wally, Coxie, Aki and meself went to the Hard Rock in Nagoya. We also went to the one in Osaka and Fukuoka. The HRs are doing an Iron Maiden promo with Eddie drinks and a Charity evening at the Tokyo location on Sunday the 29th. It’s for the Make a Wish foundation, and we are proud to be the ‘guests of honour’ that evening, and we are hoping to make a lot of money for the M.W.F. I’ll be donating a bunch of cymbals and there are few guitars in the offering. We shall be there with our friend Masa Ito.

So when we went out to the Osaka HR someone had told the staff that it was Jan's birthday, so after about an hour he gets the old happy birthday song sung to him by the whole gaff, and he’s like, what’s going on, it aint me ‘Kin birthday, but that made absolutely no difference at all. So everyone’s singing the old birthday tune and he gets presented with a glass of champagne and a dessert with a candle burning in it. Also they take a picture and mount it on a humongous pin [or badge]. Well it was ok the one time, but word must have got around because when we went to the Fukuoka HR he was presented with another rendition of the birthday tune and another dessert with flaming candle. Well you can imagine the look on his old boat race, can’t you boys and girls. But as though that was not enough when we got into our meal in the Nagoya HR he gets another round of the birthday tune and another drink and dessert, but this time we all got into the picture for the pin.

I wonder what will happen at the Tokyo event??

Good night Boys and Girls
Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko

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