26 Oct 2000 - Nicko - Osaka

On board the 12:45pm Nokomi #9.
Bullet train From Osaka to Fukuoka.

Well, well, well,
Hi boys and girls.
I do hope you're all feeling splendid???
We’re all feeling a whole lot better today thank you!!!!!!

We played at a place called Osaka Zepp last night.
What a fantastic gig. It must have been at least a hundred and ten degrees plus in the room. The Zepp is a club here in Osaka. It was heaving in there I can tell you, the vibe was really great. I think that the audiences in general prefer to be in clubs here in Japan. There’s a whole different feeling to it than say in the Tokyo Sun Plaza and the like.

It really is the way to play over here. When the kids are in the bigger seated places there is a completely different vibe. They are a lot more reserved, if you like, polite. That’s ok but we like it when the kids really get into the whole vibe and go crazy. After all that’s what we’re doing AAAHHHEEE!!!! Personally I prefer the club gigs.

Today [Thursday] the whole team are feeling a lot better than we’ve all felt since we arrived here. The vibe is really fun and there seems to be a lot more, I don’t know, happiness or just relief from the old Nippon Jet Lag, or could it be that there aren’t any hangovers about. Probably a touch of all of the above AAAHHHEEE!!!! TEEHEE!!!!!!

We are having a great time here. It’s a very beautiful country and I especially enjoy meeting with our fans at the stations when we’re on the move to a new city. There were at least forty of our Japanese friends waiting for us, with gifts and cards for each of the guys. They are very special to me. Thank you to all of our Japanese fans, I love you all!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the other night in Tokyo. You know the Sake evening, the one were Rod got me all ‘Kin messed up, the bugger. That’s two I owe him.

Well it’s like this right. In the hotels, well most of them, they have these super loos that like think for themselves, well not exactly, but they have like built in Bidets and bum washers. Yes that’s right, bum washers, and when you sit down on them it activates a switch and water starts to fill the bowl and it’s then ready for a command or two as to what you want it to do. Well that morning of the Sake dance I got a little brave to say the least, and so I hit the little button to activate the spray function, not the bidet and man I got the shock of me life I can tell you. This jet of water shot up and hit a bulls eye and I nearly hit the ‘Kin roof I can tell you, you see there is a knob that regulates the pressure of the water and little did I know it was at maximum. I shall never do that again, pissed or sober.

You’ve got to see these loos to believe em.

Only in Japan.

Well we’re nearly at Fukuoka so I’m going to sign off now. We have a day off tomorrow and we’re going to travel over to Nagoya. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko.

PS. Hi Jeff and Debbie, I hope you have a blast in Arizona, see you soon. xoxoxo.

PPS. I forgot to tell you who was all on the old train today, didn’t I? There was Bruce ‘I’ll rent a 421’ Dickinson, Steve ‘I’ve got to get this day sheet done or else’ Cox, Dave ‘I shall not touch another drop till Tokyo’ Murray, Jan ‘I love the Who’ Gers, Adrian ‘just take me picture’ Smith, Aki ‘What time do you want to go to the Hard Rock’ Ueda and me good self.

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