23 Oct 2000 - Nippon Sake Lag

Hotel Okura Tokyo
9:55.Monday morning.

Well, well, well,
Good day, boys and girls.
How's it going???
Yes there has been a couple of days with the old hangover ok, It's all been the fault of me manager Rod.
Let me tell you about it.

On Friday the twentieth Rod flew in from London. I get this phone call at around nine-thirty in the evening and Rod asked if I would like to meet him in the bar for a couple of Sakes' and a chat. 'Ok,' I said, 'I'll be down in a bit'.

'I'll pop by and knock on your door as I'm just finishing off some E-Mails, I'll be about half an hour,' he said.

'Ok,' I said.

I was doing the same, and so when I had finished with my E-Mails I called Rod back and arranged to meet down stairs in the bar. He came down just after I had got to the bar.

We fired up a couple of bottles of hot Sake and just after they arrived Bruce came into the bar. A couple more Sakes please we ask the barman. A couple of our crew were in the bar as well and after not to long it started to be like a party. Well yes you know what was going to happen don't you?????

After about six or seven bottles of Sake it was time for the bar to close. It's a little bit different over here in that when it's time for the bar to close it closes, there aren't any afters like back home, so we were ready for some more Sake so the decision was to go to the Lexington Queen in the Rappongi area. It was only a five-minute walk from our hotel. Jan had joined us at some time during the evening so we all went out together. Well when we arrived at the club these two barmen were straight in with the old Singapore slings and all kinds of exotic shots so the gloves were off now.

It was all Rod's fault, if he had not called me to go to the bar this would not have happened. I seem to have been here before methinks!!!!!!

I ended up getting in at six fifty-five in the morning. I ended up at a Mickey Dees in the high street and having chicken nuggets for breakfast and then going to the hotel restaurant for even more scran when I got back. I was in a right pickle I can tell you. To add even more of a mess to the already messed up state I was in, I slipped on the old curb and twisted me left ankle. I can tell you I said a prayer to the Lord for it having been the left and not the right, I was in a fair bit of pain and more than a wee bit concerned on how to get back to the hotel. You see at sometime in the course of the morning all the guys drifted off leaving me on me own.

I eventually made it back to the hotel and got to me bed at, I suppose, eight o clock and would you believe it, I was wide-awake at 'Kin ten thirty in the morning. I could not go back to sleep.

The dreaded Nippon Sake Lag AAAHHHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

That evening we had a show at the Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo. When I met with the guys they were amazed at how bad I looked, it was the worst, even worse than the hangover from Scranton USA. I have to say that I didn't play very well that night.

The guys were very sympathetic bless em..

The audience were fantastic; they really helped me to get through the show. I was really hurting.

After the show the band and crew were invited out for our dinner with Mr Udo. He is and always has been our promoter in Japan. He did the first Maiden show way back twelve tours' ago, we always go to a most splendid restaurant called 'Seryena'. In all the years I've known Mr Udo he never seems to look any different or age. I could understand it if he drank Sake but he doesn't drink so it can't be that, oh well ever mind !!!!!!! The food is spectacular and it is always a most splendid evening with Mr Udo and his family of employees. It is one of the highlights of touring Japan, This evening was no exception. The company was magnificent and it made the hangover that I was still feeling, tolerable to say the least. Thank you Mr Udo and family for a most wonderful evening!!!!!!!

After dinner, when I got back to the hotel, I went straight to me kip. Well needed I can tell you. Would you believe it I awoke at seven-thirty, wide-awake.

The dreaded Nippon 'Kin Jet Lag strikes again.

Well boys and girls you are all in for a fantastic treat. Rod is going to start with a few tales from the road. There will be verbal and visual delights to feast your eyes upon over the next few months.

Johnny B is no longer with us boys and girls so I'm sure you will take this opportunity as well as I to say thanks for the 'Roars from the road' while he was with us, and to wish him all the very best in what ever it is that he looks too in the future.

God Bless you Johnny. The gang isn't going to be the same without you!!!

And how was your day!!!!
God Bless you all
Love Nicko.

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