22 Oct 2000 - Rod On The Road: Japan Part 3

Woke up at bloody 5.30 am. Can't get back to sleep so get up and start work and order breakfast. More emails... backtrack too to make sure l didn't miss anything important. Tried to start on this diary but didn't get a chance, which is why l am typing it out on the plane.

Same sort of day - worked about 6am to around midday and crashed out to be woken by Coxy to go to gig in Yokohama. I've been meaning to get to the excellent gym or pool in the hotel but in fact l never do at all during my stay. Most of time too knackered...or too lazy- take your pick!!! And I need to get in shape - l've got a 300 mile 6 day charity bike ride in Kenya for SCOPE in feb so l will need to be fit. Do you think l should ask you guys on the web for some sponsorship - Scope used to be the spastics society which raises money to help the less fortunate so is a very worthy cause.

Yokohama is the port of Tokyo and being a Sunday takes about an hour to get there as there is much less traffic than during the week.Yokohama is an incredibly clean, new and modern area with massive expanses of plate glass frontages to buildings straight out of the future. In Yokohama, as in Tokyo, there is masses of new building work with cranes splitting the horizons. It is masterly how new skyscrapers are built from the inside out with the cranes attached to the sides as the building grows.

Venue holds 4000 and its been sold out for a while. Beautiful modern building in keeping with the rest of the area. It's used as a kibbuki theatre so has plenty of hanging space for our drapes!!! Gig goes great- much much better than last night - audience very appreciative.

I got my Sony digicam out for this gig and spent the whole time filming first from the desk, then from side of stage. Also did a load backstage. l am trying to get footage for this site which you wouldn't get anywhere else. Also taking photos with same camera. When l was at the side of the stage towards the end of Fear Of The Dark, Bruce came over and took the camera, proceeding to shoot from onstage right through this and into Iron Maiden - taking it right into the wicker man - just him, 4 virgins and a digicam. You will see the results on here soon - the tape was hopefully couriered back to the office yesterday by our record company EMI Toshiba - in fact by the lovely Mariko who has been looking after the band and all the promotion during the tour. Thanx Mariko. As soon as they get it they will sort it out to get it on the site, the photos will be later as l still have these with me. I was gonna email them in from the Sony memory stick but either the terminal port adaptor isn't working or l am stupid - probably both. Sorry my tech abilities don't allow us to get things up quicker but we are trying.

After gig we get out fairly quickly - back to hotel. Some of the guys go out - Nicko is still behaving. FOR HOW LONG??? I ask myself!!! l head for bar with Martin Haxby - Martin is director of business affairs at Sanctuary. We stole him from EMI where he headed up the visual side. Prior to that he was head of business affairs for EMI - which meant he oversaw all the deals for them. Prior to that he was in but not head of business affairs, and it was in this capacity that in 1979 he negotiated the IRON MAIDEN EMI deal on behalf of EMI with me and my lawyer Howard Jones at Sheridans. So we go back quite a while. Martin is doing a terrific job for Sanctuary and was over to sort out some Maiden business with EMI Toshiba and others, and to do some new deals with JVC with whom, apart from Maiden, we do most of our business in Japan. They do a great job for us on HELLOWEEN, HALFORD, BRUCE and others and we are finalising arrangements for parts of Sanctuary's extensive catalogue including BLACK SABBATH.

Closed the bar again ...sleep??

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