16 Sep 2000 - Nicko Does Cali

On board Alaska flight# 659
Las Vegas to Seattle.

Well, well, well,
How's it hanging boys and girls?
I'm doing very well thank you!!!!!!

Well we've been to a number of fantastic places I can tell you. As you can see from the date on this diary I'm very much behind with them. It's all because I have been having an absolute blast this last couple of weeks, and I have to own up I've also been a touch on the lazy side. So shoot me why don't you!!!!

After the Albuquerque show we jumped in the Goose and flew to Phoenix. We were playing at the Desert Sky Pavilion the next day [9th September]

On board the goose we had Johnny 'well I don't know' B, First officer Jim 'I'll cut out your guts and use 'em for garters you heathen scum you' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'we'll be there in ten minutes' Dickinson and me good self.

We arrived at one o clock in the morning and we made our way to the hotel just down the road from the airport. I had arranged for a round of golf with a buddy of mine called Bob Scrivener. Bob works for Titleist golf and he's the guy that arranged to have the Iron Maiden golf balls made. Yes boys and girls we have our own logo golf ball soon to be available through Nicko' corner on the old web site. Anyway we had a one o clock tee off at a place called the Phoenician. A most splendid course I can tell you. After the round we went back to Bob's place, showered up and then he and his lady Tammy brought me to the venue. They had a blast, they brought a couple of friends along and they also had a blast.

After the show we ran to the airport and got on the Goose and flew to Los Angeles.

On board were Johnny, 'he's out of order' B, First officer Jim, 'you're all going to be flogged to within an inch of your miserable lives you dogs' Silvia, Captain Bruce, 'look at the old fighter planes' Dickinson and me good self. We arrived in L.A. at three-o'clock in the morning. By the time we got out of the airport and to the hotel it was four o'clock.

I stayed in me bed until late in the afternoon and then got up and got ready to make the drive to Irvine Meadows. We had a show there that evening [10 September] the drive was about an hour from Santa Monica where we were staying.

Jim drove Bruce, Johnny and myself to the gig. We had a little detour on the way as Jimmy missed the turn off the freeway; it only made the journey a little longer. We did the gig and headed back to L.A. It was a blast. The billies were really into the whole show and we all had a fantastic time.

The next day was off. I decided to just hang out at the hotel and take things easy. Not a lot to report and NO I didn't get pissed either thank you very much.

The next day [12th September] we had a show in San Diego. We jumped on the old Goose and made the fifty-minute flight from Santa Monica to Gillespie field.

On board the Goose we had Steve. 'He's not well' Harris, Johnny, 'Davey Moines rules' B, First officer Jim, 'tie 'im to the main brace' Silvia, Captain Bruce, 'it needs it's one hundred hour check' Dickinson and me good self.

The gig was fantastic and we all had a great time on stage. After the show we did a runner back to Gillespie field and boarded the Goose for the flight back to Santa Monica

On board the Goose we had, Steve, 'I'll have a word' Harris, Johnny, 'I'll get right on it honest' B, Adrian, 'I'm still not sure' Smith First Officer Jim, 'I'll not have 'im on me ship' Silvia, Captain Bruce, 'where's the chart' Dickinson and me good self.

We made it back to Santa Monica by one -thirty and Bruce, Jim and I were in the hotel by two in the morning.

We all had a great time.
Well I'm going to go now.
See you all soon
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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