16 Sep 2000 - Nicko catches up

On board the Goose.
Los Angeles to San Jose.

Well, well, well,
It's been a 'Kin while since I have written the old diary I can tell you. Lots has been going on but I'll be at least a week trying to tell you guys what's been happening that I'll get even more behind, wont I?

On board the goose we have, Rod 'have you seen the Billboard 25th anniversary edition' Smallwood, Adrian where's the Mickey Dees' Smith, Dave 'did you feel the earthquake this morning' Murray, Johnny 'top man' B, First officer Jim 'he'll not get away with it' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'you'll have to put your seat up for landing' Dickinson and me good self.

We have done a fair amount of shows in the last ten days. We played El Paso after San Antonio on the 6th [see last diary entry] It was a good evening not a whole lot to report other than we all had a great time. The next morning I had an Eight-fifteen Southwest flight back to San Antonio. I was going back as it was a day off and me mate Jay had a tee time at La Cantara club, that's were the Westin Texas open is being staged this week on the nineteenth of September. Jay meet me at the airport at ten-thirty in the morning and we made our way over to the car detailers where Jay was getting his wife's' car a good doing, they're thinking of selling it. We picked it up and left the resort van to be given a doing. The band had been using it over the three days that we were there and it needed a touch up. We headed out for our one o clock tee time. When we arrived we went and had a spot of lunch, in my case it was breakfast. After that we went and hit a small bucket of balls and then off to the first tee. I had a blast, as did Jay. The course was fan 'Kin tastic I can tell you. The greens were so 'Kin quick that I four putted at least six of them. Oh well such is the pressure of touring AAHHEE!!!!!!!

After the game we went back to Tapatio and showered up for dinner.In the evening we went to a place called PO PO's just outside Boerne. Sharon, Jay's wife asked me what I fancied for dinner and I said that I fancied a T-bone steak with garlic mashed spuds and spinach. 'We should find that at this place' she said. Lovely jubbly.

Jay and Sharon bought their two lovely children along. There was Alex who's seven and Jackie, she's five. We had a wonderful evening. I got back to me room for nine o clock and was in me kip for just after ten.

The next day I had a flight out to Albuquerque. We had a gig there and my flight was due to leave at eleven-thirty in the morning.

It was on time and so was I.

The gig was great.

I've got to go now.
See you soon.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko

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