31 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Colorado

On board United flight#1558.
Denver to Dallas Fort Worth.

Well, well, well,
I hope you're all doing just fine today?
I have had a most splendid couple of days I can tell you.

We had a show in Minneapolis on Sunday evening [see diary#18] It was a smashing evening. The show was fantastic and we all had a great time. The Billies didn't let us down at all, they were in fine voice and in great spirits.

After the gig we showered up and then headed out to the airport. Just before we left the venue, Bruce was on the old dog and bone filing our flight plan for the evening's flight. It never ceases to amaze me that you can just call up flight services from wherever you are and have your details taken down and logged for your flight, fantastic.

We planned to be airborne at one o clock in the morning. The flight would take three and a half hours. We had an estimated arrival time into Colorado Springs of three-thirty, local. We gain one hour from Central Time to Mountain. The flight was smooth and as projected we arrived shortly after three-thirty in the morning.

Jim had arranged for a Hire car, which he picked up at the General Aviation terminal where we had parked the Goose at, something else that amazes me when you fly privately.

We loaded up our entire luggage, and me golf sticks and Jim dropped Bruce and myself off at The Broadmore Hotel.

Oh yes, on board the Goose that evening we had Johnny 'Let's go to another Cardinals' game' B, First officer Jim 'he's a cut throat, thieving blaggard' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'let's do Rock in Rio' Dickinson and me good self. We arrived at the hotel just after four-thirty in the morning. I had a fantastic room over looking the lake that separates the old original East tower from the new West Tower [that was where I had my room]

I set me clock for eleven-thirty in the morning and arose to a beautiful day. I got washed up and put on me golfing kegs and called the Pro shop for a Tee time. They gave me a one twenty two in the afternoon.

I left me room at twelve-thirty and went and checked in at the Pro shop. I signed for the round and went over to the driving range. I hit some balls and rolled a few putts and then headed over to the starter at the East course. He teamed me up with a lovely couple called Dennis and Mary. Only Dennis was playing and his misses was along just for the ride and to enjoy the most beautiful scenery. The hotel boasts three of the most spectacular courses in the Americas'. I can see why. The old Mountain course is the highest in the United States at a mere Six and a half thousand feet above sea level; it's just a little higher than the East and West courses at Broardmore.

I didn't play very well; I put it down to the fact that the round took five and a half hours to play. There was a World Seniors match being played all this week and we happened to catch them up at the third hole and that was that. I didn't really mind, as the views are spectacular. I had a great time with Dennis and Mary; they were both very nice people.

After the game I went and showed up. I had planned to go to the English Pub called the 'Golden Bee', it is an authentic English boozer, and the interior had been shipped over from blighty. They had an English menu as well which had Shepherds Pie and Steak and Kidney Pie and stuff like that, yummy.

Just before I was leaving me room a massive thunderstorm hit the area. It was an amazing sight to see the tops of the mountains lit up from the lightning, kind of scary as well. It had been chucking it down as well but it wasn't raining to hard when I left for the boozer.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see Dave and his lovely misses Tamar sitting in the corner having a bite to eat. 'Hi ya' I said, 'what brings you up here'.

I thought they were staying at The Adams Mark hotel downtown. 'Oh no we moved' said Davey, 'we didn't care for the hotel so we came up here with you guys'.

'Fantastic' I said, 'fancy a game of golf tomorrow'.

Well that didn't go down to well with Tamar so I sidestepped the old golf deal. We had dinner together and then left to head back to our rooms. Dave and Tamar were going to go to the cigar bar for a nightcap but I declined their invitation to join them. I was feeling pretty shagged. I was going to have an early night as I had a nine twenty tee time for the next morning, must get me swing sleep you know.

The next day I played the West course at Broadmore. This is a most beautiful course I can tell you! I played with a guy called John; he was in town with his girlfriend who was attending an ATT seminar. We had a blast! I had a great game going on and scored a healthy 84 not bad considering the way the greens were on this course, they were very fast and always fooled you when you were above the hole as everything breaks from the mountains on these types of courses. Wicked I can tell you!

After the round, which took us four hours, a very nice pace, I decided to go over to the Mountain course and play that. The back nine was closed due to some of the holes being washed out. I was originally going to play just the nine.

I had to take a shuttle over from the main clubhouse. It only took five minutes to get up to the course and I was ready on the tee at just after two o clock in the afternoon. The starter at the course informed me that I was the only guy out today so the play was wide open.

I decided to play from the white tees and went around in 39, four over par. The guy was right there wasn't a soul out there but me.

I got around in such a quick time. I decided to go again, this time I teed it up from the blues and made a 44, not so bad.

The course was an Arnold Palmer designed track, a lot of target golf was required. You wait till I see Arnie; I'll have to have a word, TEE HEE. I finished the round and was back in me hotel room for five o clock. I had a wee spot of room service and then took a nap for a while.

We left for the show at seven-thirty and on our arrival I went and did the old meet and greet.

The show was great. After, we headed back to the hotel and I had an earlyish night.

In the morning [30th August] I drove from Colorado Springs to Denver with Steve Cox, Jan, Johnny B and a driver. We left The Broadmore Hotel at one-fifteen and made the one and a half hour drive.

That evening we had a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This has to be the most beautiful venue ever. I've always had a blast whenever we have played at this venue. The view from this site is spectacular, really spiritual. The sound there is fantastic and the audience are really one of the best in the US. We had a blast, as did Rob Halford and the Ryche gangs. I spoke with both Rob and Jeff and they were both in agreement that it was one of the best yet.

After the show I was dropped off at the Marriott courtyard hotel just up the road from the Denver International Airport. I was due to leave on the twelve thirty United flight to Dallas. [That's one-thirty central time]. It was on time and I expect that we shall be landing soon. I'm meeting me misses and the little one in Dallas, they are due in at Two-fifty in the afternoon. I have a car meeting them and they are going to wait for me at the baggage claim area as I only have carry on luggage. I can't wait to see them both.

OK that's it from me; we're nearly there now.

Take care.
God bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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