26 Aug 2000 - Nicko: Golf In Cleveland

On board the Goose.
3:55pm Central Time.

Well, well, well,
How is everyone doing today?
Yes you've guessed it I do have a hangover, well it's the second day of a two day hangover actually boys and girls!!!

Well since me last diary we've played a couple of shows. The first was in Cleveland on Wednesday evening, that was where I was off to on my last airline trip, [see diary#16]
The show was brilliant, we're really having a great tour, I'm not so sure that we are doing the right set as sometimes when we get to Sign of the Cross and The Clansman these songs don't seem to be getting a great response. There is a lull in the proceedings at this point.
Anyways we shall have to have a band meeting and discuss the issue. We can't avoid it anymore.

So the day after Cleveland was off. The rest of the guys headed over to Chicago while I decided to stay in Cleveland.
I had met a guy called Chip [Joseph] Mayer who's the brother of a very dear friend of my family's called Kimmy. He and I had been keeping in touch through the old Internet and we had made plans for him and a friend to meet at the show and then on the day off we were going to have a round of golf. Lovely Jubbly
We met at the show and made a time to meet the next day. I was staying at the airport Holiday Inn and Chip was going to drop his pal Bill off at the airport and then check in to the same hotel for around ten o clock in the morning. When he arrived at the hotel he called me and I arranged to meet him down stairs for eleven-thirty. We had a drive of about forty minutes to the golf club in Medina a small town outside Cleveland. We made the journey in good time. We had a tee time booked for one o clock in the afternoon. The guy we were playing with was the brother of a friend of Chips that he had attended college with.
His name was David. A friend of his called Tim joined us. They were both great guys. We had a great afternoon I played really well and shot an Eighty-two with a treble 'Kin bogey on the sixteenth 'Kin hole I was furious with meself I can tell you.
After the game we hit the old nineteenth hole. I had three beers and then we split to go back to town. We had a shower and arranged to meet in the lobby for eight o clock. We went to an Italian restaurant and whilst there downed a bottle of white Pinot Griggio wine each. The rubber dub was pretty good as far as I can remember.
After dinner we went back to the hotel and hit the bar. We had a couple of Bacardi cokes and then called it a night when the bar closed.
The next day I had a two-thirty pm flight with Southwest Airlines to Chicago. I made that OK and was at the hotel for Four o clock in the afternoon.
The gig last night was great we played really well but again that part in the middle of the set went down like a fart in a two-man submarine.
We have definitely got to something different at this point.
After the gig I went straight to me bed I was not feeling so good. I wonder why AAAEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!

So we've just arrived in Milwaukee.
On board the Goose we have Johnny 'I'm goner get up on the gong tonight' B, First officer Jim 'e's a goner me hearties' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'what made Milwaukee famous' Dickinson and me good self.

See you all soon.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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