23 Aug 2000 - Nicko's day off

On board Continental# 443.
Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland.

Well, well, well,
Hello boys and girls how are you all doing today?
I'm feeling a million times better than I did a couple of days ago I can tell you.

We had a show in Kansas City on Sunday evening at the Sandstone Amphitheatre, which was fantastic. We did a great show and had a blast. I know you lot are probably saying to yourselves. 'He's always saying that', but it's true boys and girls we haven't had a bad gig at all honest, they've all been the 'Kin business I can assure you.
After the Kansas show we headed back to St Louie on the Goose.

We were airborne at one o clock in the morning.
On board were Steve 'to the woods' Harris, Johnny 'I'll come with you' B, First officer Jim 'slit his throat if 'e moves' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'blimey seventy-five bucks an 'our for labour' Dickinson and me good self. We went back to St Louie because Bruce's family were staying there and Steve was meeting his gang back at the woods and Johnny B was going with him. I had a flight booked to go home and see the family back in Florida. We had two days off, [crickey, what's that all about.] That's unheard of on this tour. Well needed I can tell you!!!!!
I had a flight booked by my friend Jay Cohen back there in Florida for a 9:57am departure to Fort Lauderdale that got me in at 1:30pm. The flight was on time and I was at me house at two thirty after picking up me little one from school. We spent most of the afternoon just hanging and did a little swimming and messing around. In the evening I cooked me favourite dinner, spuds and chicken, after, we watched a DVD entitled Stuart Little. It's such a cracking film my favourite bits are when the cats are talking to each other and Smokey says 'Scratch 'em out'. Brilliant.

The next day I did a few chores around the outside of the house. I had to go and get some freeon put in me car as the AC was blowing out warm air, not to cool when the outside temp was a mere 91degrees.
When me little one got home we just hung out at home, it was really relaxing.
This morning Jay came over at 11-15am and we went over some flight details for the next couple of weeks.
This flight was scheduled to leave Fort Lauderdale at 12:25pm but there was a delay until 1:35pm so we didn't need to leave my house until 11:45. He dropped me off and then went and parked up, then we had a spot of Pizza together.
Soon it was time to board.
I said goodbye and got on the old plane.
I've just got short of an hour until I arrive
Actually we've made up some time so I'm going to have to go now boys and girls.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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