20 Aug 2000 - Nicko In St. Louis

On board the goose.
St Louie to Kansas City.

We're on our way to Kansas City today.
I didn't feel like doing me diary while I was in St Louie so here we are finishing off on this part of the journey.

Last night we played a show here at a place called Riverport Amphitheatre. It was a great gig. We had a couple of girls standing on the side of the stage using sign language for the deaf people in the audience. I've never seen that at one of our shows before, what a great idea.
The day before yesterday was a day off and I can tell you it was a blinder. It started off with Johnny B and myself meeting in the lobby at three o clock and we headed out to the St Louie arch known as The Gateway To the West. We took a couple of pictures there while we waited to here from Bruce and Jim; they had gone over to the airport to get a spot of maintenance done on the goose.
Just down on the dockside near to the arch, there is the worlds only floating Mickey Dees. It is a replica of an old Mississippi riverboat absolutely fantastic. We had seen it on the drive from the airport that morning so we had a good idea that that would be where we would head for.
We had a great late lunch and sat talking for a good hour or more.

Jim phoned at six-fifteen in the evening. Johnny and I were by now in the queue to go up to the top of the arch.
I arranged to speak with them later that night.
It was our turn to go up the old arch now. We boarded the little capsule and made our ascent to the top. It took four minutes to make the journey.
It was amazing to look down six hundred and sixty odd feet to the ground. To look straight down you have to lean on the slope of the window sill and it really made me feel a whole bunch of vertigo I can tell you. Not a very nice feeling.
While we were up there we could see the St Louie Cardinals Baseball stadium, it was all lit up and there were a mass of people milling around. I turned and asked one of the guys that works the arch if the Cardinals game was finished or just starting. He informed me that kick off was five past seven in the evening. I looked at me watch and it was just gone ten past, I turned to Johnny and asked if he'd ever been to a ball game. 'No' came his reply and so I said 'Ok we're going'.
'But I've got a bunch of Internet stuff to go through. I really need to get it done or I'll get a bollocking from you know who' said Johnny.
'Wait a minute' I said, 'It's a day off right, and what does day off mean. A 'Kin day off so. If anyone has anything to say about that they can deal with me'
'Ok' came his reply 'Let's go then, that would be great'
So we made our way over to the Busch Stadium.
Just as we approached the ticket counter a tout asked us if we wanted two tickets. I asked him where they were for and he said they were for behind home plate in the upper terrace. Well I new that they would be up in the nose bleed section but at least they were seats. I asked him to hold on for a minute. I went up to the ticket window and asked for the best seats in the house only to be informed that there was standing room only, tickets available So I went back to our tout friend and purchased the two tix for twenty bucks. They were eight-dollar tickets so that wasn't too bad. We made our way to where I thought the seats were but man they were way in the out field, over the opposite end of the park from where we were. 'Not to worry' I said, ' we'll just look for two empty seats and take them. If anyone comes along and says that we're in their seats we'll just move on'.
'Can you do that' came Johnny's reply
'Yes everyone does it at the ball game, It's as traditional as having a ballpark dog' I said.
We had a great couple of seats. I was explaining the rules and plays to Johnny as the game went on. What a game it was too. I've seen quite a few games over the years and this was a dooesy I can tell you.
[See Johnny's Roar from the Road]
We had a thoroughly great time.

We got back to the hotel at around eleven-thirty in the evening. I gave Jim a ring and asked him if he fancied a trip down to the Landing's. That's a section on the Riverfront with a whole bunch of bars and clubs. 'Yeah OK' he said, 'meet ya in the lobby in ten minutes'. I called Johnny and he joined us. I also called the rest of the guys but a few were already out.
We found a bar and went and had a few beers together. It was really cool. We left when the place closed at three in the morning and went back to the hotel. I was fairly hungry by this time. I found a late night café open just over the street from the hotel. It was seven bucks for all you can eat chicken wings and pizza.
'Kin magic day I can tell you, the best day off away from home yet.

On board the goose today we have Steve 'four 'Kin two 'Harris, Johnny 'come on you Cardinals' B, First officer Jim 'we're goin' round the 'orn' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'who's winning' Dickinson and me good self.
We're ten minutes from landing and I'm done now so I'll speak with you all soon.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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