18 Aug 2000 - Nicko In The Air

On board the Goose.

Well, well, well,
How's it hanging boys and girls?

We just had a show at the old PNC Bank Arts Centre just outside Holmdel New Jersey.
It was a great night. We had a fantastic gig.
The Billies were really having a ball and the band were definitely hot tonight I can tell you.
Johnny B made it over safely. He's not doing to bad considering what he has been through. He lost his dad Saturday week ago and has been back to blighty to take care of his family and friends.
He's raring to go.
It's great to have him back.

On board the goose we have Steve 'come on you Irons' Harris, Johnny 'how much do ya reckon for a Chelsea season ticket' B, First officer Jim 'it's not in me treasure chest ya thieving rat' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'where's the chart's Dickinson and me good self.
We're on our way to St Louis.
We have a day off today and I can tell you I'm really looking forward to a day of rest. I must admit I've been feeling very fatigued these last couple of days. This schedule is pretty heavy.
Well I shouldn't be moaning I have been blessed to be able to play and perform the way I do. The good Lord has been kind with me and I praise his name every day, boys and girls.

The flight should take us about three and a half hours and I think we will need a fuel stop so I don't see us getting to the hotel until around five thirty in the morning. I'm going to have a bit of a relax now so I'll be back later in the day.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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