17 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Buffalo

On board the Goose
Buffalo to New Jersey.

Well, well, well,
Yes it was a success; they replaced the fuel cell and we're back with our favourite way of travelling boys and girls.
Oh yes … I am very thankful.
Thank you for asking.

On board the Goose today we have Steve ' I'm not doing it on a day off' Harris, First officer Jim 'e'll be lashed to within an inch of 'is life, Silvia, Captain Bruce 'they only want three live tracks' Dickinson and me good self.
It really is great to be back on board with the guys. Steve is joining us for a few journeys and Johnny B returns tonight from England after his trying time at home. It will be nice to have him back on board the goose; we have missed him very much.
Long live the Goose Gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We played a show last night at a venue right next door to a Six Flags Over America theme park about forty miles outside Buffalo at a place called Darien Lakes Arts Centre.
I was gutted when I arrived and saw the massive roller coasters that were in the park. I love to ride them. I would have appreciated it if our Tour Manager had told me where the gig was at. I would have probably gone down early for a few rides. It was just as well though as I wasn't feeling too good, as I don't today. NO boys and girls I'm not hung over but it more than likely has something to do with how out of it I got the other day in Scranton. I must be going into three day hangovers, perish the thought!!!

We played a blinder last night. A 'Kin good time was had by all. Steve and Karen Dewey were there. It was their last show before they head back to Florida. Karen volunteered to be one of the Vestal virgins and so had a great time while being sacrificed in the Wicker Man. She was on cloud nine after the show I can tell you.
We left the show at midnight and made the forty-minute drive back to the hotel. When we arrived we found that the hotel bar was closed, the geezer behind the front desk told us of a bar that was open just across the road. Just then, Dave and Jan arrived in the lobby back from the very club /bar that the guy just told us about.
Dave and Jan had already been in the bar for an hour as they had done a runner after the show.
'There's a blues band playing over the road' said Jan.

So we all decided to pop on over and take a look.
An old friend of the bands called Andy Curran was there with Harry, he used to have a band called Colney Hatch, they toured with us back in eighty-four. He had a couple of his friends with him.
H and myself accompanied Steve and Karen Dewey to the bar. When we got there the band had finished playing but we were invited to go on up on stage and make as much noise as we would like. We bantered the idea around between us but nothing happened, Bruce was really up for a good thrashing on the tubs.
I was feeling pretty shagged. I had a beer said goodnight to everyone and made me way to bed.
I just could not get to sleep at all last night. I felt so tired but maybe I was over tired who knows.

Well that's it for now, we're nearly into New Jersey so until later boys and girls.
Stay safe and God bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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