16 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Kit Problems

On board Northwest #1124.
Detroit to Buffalo.

Well, well, well,
Are you all doing OK today?
Lovely, I'm doing great as well, thank you very much for asking.

We're all on board this fine aircraft on our way to Buffalo having put one of our best shows down so far. Although all kinds of stuff were going wrong on stage we had a fantastic time.
We played at the Pine Knob Amphitheatre to about twelve thousand Billies last night. The venue is forty miles outside of Detroit.
We hit the stage at nine o clock in the evening. We got down to Brave New World when my ride cymbal decided that it didn't want to be on its stand anymore. The poor old metal decided to snap and all of a sudden I've got my cymbal in me lap. The 'Kin thing then slipped off to my right and the broken piece of metal on the backside of the cymbal pierced me floor tom head thus putting a hole in it to boot.
'Kin marvellous.
So there's me drum tech, Rusty, trying to put a new stand top together and he was having a bit of a struggle with getting the cymbal in the right position.
He gave up after awhile and went and sat down to regain his composure. I got him back up during the intro to Sign of The Cross and we managed together to put it in its correct position. After that he went to change the Floor Tom head. We were now at The Mercenary; I don't us the toms in that tune so it gave Pete enough time to change it. He was not amused at all with the evening's proceedings I can tell you.

There was another really big problem in the fact that our sound engineer, Doug 'what's with them spuds growing out your ears' Hall, he put the PA in a really strange place in relation to the front of stage, so when the guys went out on the ego thrusts they couldn't hear the rig. Bruce was livid about it and I don't blame him. At one time he wanted to push the flipping thing over he was that wound up about it.
So after the gig we had a word with Doug and sorted it all out. It was just one of those things.

After the show Bruce and I headed back to the airport hotel in Detroit. He had a real early get up as he was going back to Scranton to pick up the old Goose. I was to meet the rest of the guys at twelve forty-five in the afternoon for the flight to, Buffalo.
I arranged for a shuttle from the hotel at twelve thirty so I had plenty of time to make the flight.
Well we're nearly at our destination so I'm off boys and girls.

See you soon,
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko

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