15 Aug 2000 - Nicko: Philly to Buffalo

On board US Air flight number 1545.
Philly to Detroit.

Well, well, well, I hope that you're all doing fine today?
Yes I do have a hangover today; OK it was a day off yesterday all right.

We played our show in Scranton on Sunday evening at the Coore's Lite Amphitheatre. It went really well, the Billies were crazy that evening. We were firing on all eight cylinders that night I can tell you.
We had a few of Kid Rock's guys come to the show, they were staying in the same hotel as us, and they're playing the same venue tonight.
They had a blast.
After the show Bruce and myself had a massage and then took a couple of drinks with a few of our crew then left for the hotel at around one o clock in the morning. I had arranged with the local promoter for a round of golf at a private club in Scranton, guess what it was raining all day.

I ended up staying in bed for most of the afternoon and got up and showered at four o clock. I headed up to the bar and found Bruce there talking with Kenny the guitarist from Kid Rock and a guy called Mike [he's a rigger on the tour] we proceeded to get quietly sloshed, actually 'Kin completely out of it's more likely. We stayed at the bar until midnight when someone said that there was a blues band playing at a small club just up the road so I called Jim Silvia on the dog and bone and asked him if he wouldn't mind dropping a few of us up at the old club. He was very gracious and said that was not a problem so Mike and I headed out to the club. Bruce didn't make it. He stayed at the hotel bar with Kenny. We said our farewells and split. When we got to the bar it was jumping. The band was really cool and of course I eventually got up and had a jam with them. The only problem with that was that I was really gone by then. I'm like so drunk I can't even remember what I played with them. Jim said that I had a blast though so it couldn't have been that bad aheeeeehhhhhhh!!!!!!!

We left the club at two-thirty in the morning and when I woke up today I hade the hangover to beat 'em all boys and girls, I know I'm not getting any sympathy from you lot but that's OK.

So you must be wondering why I'm writing this diary on a 'Kin commercial flight right. Well Bruce and I have had to take the old commercial route as the poor old goose sprung a leak from one of her fuel cell's.
Jimmy went up to the airport just on a whim yesterday and he did a walk round the goose and happened to notice a fuel slick on the wet ground. 'Ah Ha' there's skull duggery afoot' thought Jim and on closer inspection discovered that the poor old girl had a leaky bladder. We had to get the old fuel cell removed and replaced with a new one. She should only be grounded for another day. Jim stayed behind in Scranton and Bruce will be taking an early flight back there in the morning.
We had a flight from Scranton to Philly booked for two forty in the afternoon so we left the hotel at one o clock and popped in to take a look and meet with the tech guys that are doing the job, they explained that it should be done by the end of the day and that all will be okey dokey.
I miss the old bird; you sure get spoilt when you fly privately.
So me little lovelies we're nearly to Detroit so I'm going to go now.

See you soon.
God Bless you all.
Stay safe and well.
Love Nicko

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