13 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Philly

On board the Goose.

Well, well, well,
Good day to you all, boys and girls.
I do hope that you're doing splendidly well today.
Yes I'm doing fine today thank you very much.

We had a most splendid show last night in Philly.
The gig was fantastic and the Billies were really into the show, they were very load and sang all the songs really well.
We did have a problem with one guy in the audience, there always seems to be one 'Kin jerk that feels some need or the other to throw beer at the stage. WHY, WHY, WHY, 'Kin Idiot. It's really dangerous because the stage gets very slippery when it's wet and so that makes it very dodgy for the guys the way they run about during the show. These types of people are NO BRAINERS they aren't real fans because if they were they would know how 'Kin dangerous it is.
Fortunately Bruce saw the culprit and directed our Wally towards him and had him immediately discharged from the building.
It doesn't pay to mess with the Maiden.

We carried on and had a great evening. After the show Adrian headed back to the hotel as he was not feeling very well but the rest of us stayed and had a drink and unwound backstage. Jan and Davey watch the Hollyfield fight on the box and I just wandered around making a nuisance of meself.
Steve and Karen Dewey were at the show, they had taken a train from New York on the Thursday so they had a couple of days in Philly seeing the sights and taking in a few bars near the hotel. They're a great couple I really enjoy seeing them on the road. We all left the show together and arranged to meet in the hotel for a late nightcap. We made the last call and had a couple of beers then went to bed.

On board the Goose today we have First officer Jim 'I'm at the end of me rope me hearties' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'what's the deal with me alternators' Dickinson and me good self.

We're on our way to Scranton, that's in Pennsylvania; we have a show there tonight. The flight is a mere thirty-five minutes today.

We have a day off tomorrow and Bruce and I are going to take in a game of golf. Lovely jubbly, I'll let you know how we get on.

See you soon me lovelies.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko

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