12 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Pittsburgh

On board the goose.
Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

Well, well, well,
How goes it then?
I'm fine thank you.

On board the goose today we have Eric ' what's that dial then' Hutchinson, [he's a pal of Bruce's], First officer Jim ' he can rot in the brig' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'they're a bunch of old farts' Dickinson and me good self.

Boys and girls, I forgot to tell you that at the Tweeter centre gig in Boston on the 6th of August, a very dear friend of mine came to see me, his name is, Skip Albinson, he lives in Tampa Florida and was in Boston on a business trip. It was great seeing him. People think we look like brothers. That's OK, we all know who's the good looking one don't we boys and girls TEE HEE. We met ten years ago at a golf coarse called Crystal Lake. We were teamed up to make a four ball. I was playing with a guy called Chris Gunning and Skip's mate was a guy called Randy[I think]
Since then we have become firm friends.
It was great to see you me old mate.

We had a show in Pittsburgh last night and I can tell you it was really weird. There were some older punters at the front of the stage and get this, one old fart actually had some food delivered to her during the set right, and she paid the waiter, or whoever, and then started to devourer her rubber dub right there and then while were right in amongst it. Jan couldn't believe his eyes. It was really bizarre.

I had a very close friend of mine come to Pittsburgh from Florida to see me his name is Kevin Mapp. He's my close buddy and Golf Guru. He takes care of the country club called Westchester in Boynton Beach Florida he's the club manager. I got him a room at the hotel where we were staying and we got together for dinner last night. We ate at the hotel restaurant and had a fantastic dinner. I had chowder to start, followed with a lovely roast chicken with truffle smashed spuds and a garlic saffron reduction. It was glorious Kevin had a seared tuna with a tempura onion on top of the same truffle spuds; he said that his was great as well.
After the show we headed straight out back to the hotel. Dave, Jan, Eric, Kevin and myself met in the bar for an hour and we had a couple of drinks and then went to bed. It was close to two when we departed. This morning I met with Kev and we went to a place called the Oyster bar' down in the market square. It's the oldest bar/eating house in Pittsburgh. It was opened in 1821 and was then called The Bear' It became famous in Pittsburgh from 1830 when they changed the name to what it is today. When you walk through the door it's just like stepping back in time.

If you're ever in Pittsburgh make it a must to visit this fine establishment you'll love it.

Well we've just touched down in a very cloudy Philadelphia boys and girls so I'm going to have to go know.

See you soon.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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