10 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Portland

On board US Flight #880 from Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh.

Well, well, well,
I hope everyone's doing fine today?

I'm on me way to Pittsburgh after a most splendid day off.

I travelled home from Portland Maine at six forty-five yesterday morning. I arrived at my house at twelve thirty in the afternoon.

We have played a couple of shows over the last couple of days. We played in Hartford on the Eighth of August.
We left New York at around two o clock in the afternoon, we had a four o' clock wheels up from Teteboro airport, that's just outside the city, and the flight to Providence took just a little over one hour.

On board the goose we had, First officer Jim 'he's a no good dog' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'that donut looks great' Dickinson and me good self. After we dropped our bags at the hotel we drove from Providence to Hartford. The drive took just one hour and thirty minutes. We got off of the freeway and made our way towards the show. We got a way down the road and Jim thought that we were in the wrong place, so he made a U turn and headed back into town, just as we finished the turn Bruce said 'Hey Jim, I'm sure I just saw a sign that said VIP parking I think that's the gig.'
'I don't think it's here' said Jim.
'Ok' replied Bruce.
So we did a tour around most of downtown Portland and then ended up at the same place where Bruce had seen the VIP sign.
'Ok, so I messed up' said Jim. We all had a laugh at Jim's expense and pulled into the gig.

When we got to the show we did the usual meet and greet and then got ready.

I was supposed to meet a friend of mine from Florida at the show. He works for Virgin Airlines in Chicago now. His name is Steve Frometa. He was going to see the show and hang out with a couple of friends from the area but my dear friend Wally Grove by mistake forgot to put the tix and passes on the door. He thought that I asked him to put them on for the Portland show. I have to be honest Wally has never made a mistake like that before but me mate came all that way to see me and didn't make it in the end. He said that he made enquiries with the front office but being the anal retardants that they were, they jerked him off as well. I'd like to make this apology to you Steve and say that if you want to still come to Chicago then I'll make sure personally that all is taken care of.
I'm sorry mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the gig we drove back to Providence. I got to me bed at three in the morning.

The next day we had a show in Portland.
Oh yes, I checked out of the hotel as I was going to stay overnight in Portland. I was heading back to Florida the next morning; I had a five-fifteen wake up booked AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

We left the hotel at two-thirty and made our way to the airport. Jimmy had an old pal of his coming along for the ride to Portland, she used to work with him on the Operation Rock and Roll tour way back in ninety-one, she was production co-ordinator for him. Her name is Lori Meadows she's a great lass. She's currently working with David Copperfield's team.
We had a great time.

On board the goose we had, Lori 'I just love seafood' Meadows, First officer Jim 'you won't see the sunrise if you're in the brig you slug' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'Coxie didn't land until an hour ago' Dickinson and me good self.

When we got to Portland we all decided to go to the show early as they always have lobster on the menu.
We arrived at the gig at six o clock and went straight to catering. I had two, two-pound lobsters and four claws [oh you pig you] it was lovely I can tell you

After dinner I went up to watch a bit of Rob's set and they were halfway through Breaking The Law when Rob spotted me standing on the side of the stage and he proceeded to walk over and just as they hit the chorus it was, Boom, karaoke time for me, he's popped the mic right in front of me kisser so I had to sing the flipping chorus didn't I, How embarrassing.

The show was absolutely fantastic there were only about two thousand Billies at the gig, [the hall was set up for around six thousand] but man did they have a good time they were so load and really into it. So did we!!!!!!

After the show Jim, Bruce and Lori dropped me of at The Days Inn near the airport; they all went back that evening to Providence.
I got my flight OK and had a little time to relax at the airport. It arrived into Fort Lauderdale on time and me missus and me little one were there to meet me. I had a great day off. We went and got our little one's hair cut ready for his new term at school. He starts third grade on Monday. He looks so handsome [just like his old man TEE HEE]

After we went and had a sushi dinner at the Taisho restaurant at Mission Bay Shopping Mall It was really yummy.
When we got home I read a short story to me little one and then went to me own bed.

Thank you and good night.
God Bless you all.
Ta Nicko.

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