09 Aug 2000 - Nicko - NY

On board the goose.

Well, well, well,
I do hope you're all feeling on top of the world today?

We're on our way from Providence to Portland Maine.
We had a show in Hartford last night.
We flew to Providence from New York yesterday.
Bruce and Jim are basing themselves in Portland for a few days and we're commuting to some shows.

On board the goose we have First officer Jim 'I know he's got me dablooms in 'is pocket the swine' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'sorry it's a bit bumpy' Dickinson and me good self.

You maybe are wondering boys and girls, why Johnny B is not with us on the goose.

I'd like you to keep him and his family in your prayers over the next few days as he lost his father on Saturday morning. I know that he would feel comforted by your compassion and thoughts for him at this very sad time.

So we did Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening. The place was jumping I can tell you. We had a fantastic time on stage and we brought the garden down on its knees. Metal sure did conquer New York that evening. I had a blast.
There were lots of friends that came to see me and I would like to say thank you to them for coming, there was my very closest friend Jeff Hammer and Debbie, Steve and Karen Dewey, Henry and John from Executive Studios Florida, Adam Young and Bill Rabon from Florida, Bob Brennon and his brother, John Wadsworth from Norfolk and Norma Jean my wife's mate who lives in New York.

We all had a great time and I love you all. Thank you!!!!!!!

On Sunday we had a show at a place called The Tweeter Centre just outside Boston in a place called Mansfield.
We left New York for Newark airport where the goose was parked. We had planned for a four o clock departure. We met in the lobby at one thirty and made our way.

On board the goose were Adam 'what a great show man' Young, Ross 'I'm sure there's film in it' Halfin, Andrew 'I should know I put it in'Clatworthy, First officer Jim 'If I don't get me dablooms back I'll chop 'is 'ead off' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'visual approach' Dickinson and me good self.

We went straight to the show and when we arrived I bumped into a very dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen since nineteen-ninety two in Germany, his name is Joe.
We had a chat and then after I did the old meet and greet thing I got ready for the show. We had a great gig.
After a shower and a little massage we headed out for the airport. We got back to New York at two-fifteen in the morning. It was Bruce's birthday so we popped into Seppis bar next to the hotel and had a celebration drink.

The next day my wife and I meet for lunch with James Diener and Scott from Columbia records, we gave him a copy of Rebecca's new CD that is now finished and ready for the world.
After lunch we went on a little stroll down Fifth Avenue, we popped into St Patrick's church and said a prayer and had a little quiet time. It's a fantastic building.
We ended up back at the hotel at around four o clock in the afternoon. We had a little siesta and then got ready to go to dinner. We had arranged to go out with Jeff and Debbie at nine in the evening. Merck called us [he's on our management team boys and girls] at about seven and asked us if we would like to join Susan and him for dinner. They had made arrangements to take Bruce and Paddy out for Bruce's birthday. I told Merck that Jeff was going to be with me but Merck couldn't make the reservation for eight people.

We ate at Seppi's restaurant and it was fantastic. When you're in New York boys and girls please go and check out the place, you'll really enjoy it I promise.

We left Jeff at around eleven and went to our room. I was feeling really tired so I got ready for bed.

Well that's all from me right now.
See you soon you lot.
God Bless you all.
Ta Nicko.

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