04 Aug 2000 - Nicko - Montreal

Parker Meridian Hotel
New York

Well, well, well,
How are you boys and girls?
I'm doing really well thank you!

I had a great time at home with my little one and me missus. Justin and I played golf on, Saturday, Sunday and the Monday; I was in heaven I can tell you. We had a wonderful few days at home.

Well as you will have gathered from the date I'm a little behind on our Canadian dates but I'll try to rectify that right now.

On the first of August we had our first show in Toronto. It was a great gig. I flew in from Florida that afternoon and met with the rest of the guys. They had all arrived the day before.

The gig went great and we all had a blast.

The next day we left the hotel for the airport to depart for Montreal.
We were airborne at five o clock in the afternoon.
On board the Goose we had Steve 'He's Villa mad' Harris, Johnny 'S.O.T.V' B, Rod 'where's the 'Kin memory' Smallwood, First officer Jim 'saw his peg off you scurvy pigs' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'ten grand in ya hand' Dickinson and me good self.

We had a flight of one and a half hours to Montreal. When we got to the hotel we dropped our bags and I went straight out to find a place to eat. I popped around the corner and found a little Japanese restaurant and I had a bowl of Miso soup followed by some of the best California roll I've ever had the pleasure to indulge in.

We made our way to the gig at seven thirty and had the usual meet and greet at eight thirty. The show was blistering we had a great evening and then after the show we had a meeting in the bar with our manager Rod Smallwood. He bought the drinks that evening so we all went completely mad and ordered loads of booze, TeeHee.
The next day we made our way to Quebec.
We left the hotel at one o clock in the afternoon and were airborne at three o clock.
On board the goose we had, Steve 'and another thing' Harris, Johnny 'he's not well' B, Rod 'I'm going to Barbados' Smallwood, First officer Jim 'make 'im walk the plank you dogs' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'where's my computer?' Dickinson and me good self.

We didn't have a hotel in Quebec as after the show we were going straight to New York. Wally was good enough to let me use his room for a couple of hours and Steve and Johnny used Coxie's room. Bruce and Jim went straight to the venue to watch Rob Halford's set.
The show in Quebec was blinding, the audience were fantastic we all had an absolute blast.
Thank you Canada for a memorable three shows you guys were fantastic.

After a quick shower at the gig we made our way to the airport We left the airport in Quebec at one o clock in the morning.

On board the goose were Steve 'what a gig' Harris, Johnny 'what a gig' B, First officer Jim 'what a gig me lovelies' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'what a gig' Dickinson and me good self [what a gig].

We have the day off in New York and I'm looking forward to seeing me missus, she's due to arrive into the city at around two o clock in the afternoon.
Well boys and girls that's it for now.
See you later
God Bless you all.
Ta Nicko.

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