23 Jul 2000 - Nicko - Madrid

Well, well, well.

It's six fifteen in the morning and I'm sitting on an Easy Jet on my way home to Blighty. Oh that's local time in England boys and girls.

The Gander gang are without transport today as we've left the old bird in Madrid. The gander gang are going to fly out and meet in Madrid on Saturday. We'll pick up the Gander and then travel to Murcia
Its as you'll have noticed, back to commercial transportation.
I've been spoilt boys and girls.
I've got used to flying with the 'Goose Gang' and I can tell you it is the best way to travel.

I've taken this early flight so that I can get home to see my little boy and his most beautiful mum. They arrived in London on Monday morning. We have two days off and I want to take advantage of them so I decided to go for it this morning.

We had a show in Madrid last night. It was at a bullring in the city. We've played there on a couple of occasions in the past.
Spanish audiences are 'Kin fantastic. We always have a blast playing in Spain and last night was no exception.
We were a bit late taking the stage due to some technical problems with the lighting system.
We went on forty minutes late. Stage time was set for ten o clock. The only drag with going on so late was that I had to be up at four forty-five local time in the morning. I didn't get back to the hotel until one o clock. Oh well… I made it so that's ok.

In the afternoon after we dropped our bags off, Steve Johnny B and myself went for a late lunch at Planet Hollywood. It was right on the corner next to our hotel. I ordered a portion of Calamari for the table and some nachos without cheese. Johnny B hadn't tried Calamari before and he was amusingly delighted with the experience. It's nice to turn people on to new things boys and girls.

Just before we had finished our meal a chap came over and introduced himself to us. His name was Rafael and he is the manager of the restaurant. He told us that it was a pleasure for him to have us eat in his establishment and told us that the meal was on him. We all thought him very gracious. Steve left a tip for the waiter and we were just about to get up and leave when Rafael appeared carrying three bags full of Planet Hollywood swag. Thank you so much Rafael.
So the least we could do was ask him if any of the folks that work at the restaurant would like to come to the show. Johnny B took a list of twelve names and we headed back to the hotel.

I had my usual siesta but had to wake up at six-thirty to do an interview with a lass from Modern Drummer magazine in the USA.
We left for the hotel at eight fifteen. Some of the guys had interviews to do at the show. I had my usual practice for about fifteen minutes and then relaxed in the lounge.
We had a great time in Madrid thank you boys and girls you were fantastic.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.
See ya soon.
Love Nicko.

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