27 Jul 2000 - Nicko and friends

On board Virgin 005 to Miami.

Well, well, well,
How the daisy are you?
I'm 'Kin absolutely shagged out I can tell you.
I have had a really amazing few days boys and girls I really have.
I shall endeavour to tell you.
OK here goes.

On Sunday, right, we flew to Barcelona from Murcia. We had a show that evening at the Olympic stadium there.

When we arrived at the airfield I was meet by Tomas Paiste and Tomas's partner Tony Mitlinski.
They are both truly very good friends and are very much a part of my family.I had been invited to do a drum show in Barcelona on the twenty-fifth of July and Tony was the promoter for the event.
They drove Justin and myself to a beautiful city called Sitges, which is just thirty Kilometres from Barcelona. This place is wonderful; I would put it up there with San Sebastian as my favourite place's that have been to in Spain next of course to Barcelona.
We arrived at the hotel at around three o clock in the afternoon.
Nicholas my eldest son was already there as he had flown in the previous evening from London. He had just got back from a holiday in Marbaya, [I don't know whether I've spelt that right Oh well]. He was looking as brown as a nut I can tell you. So after I dropped me bags off I arranged with Nick to look after Justin for about an hour, so that Tomas, Tony and myself could pop off to their house and go over some of the details regarding the gig on the Tuesday.
After the meet they dropped me back at the hotel and I got myself ready with the boys to head off to the venue.

In the mean time Pedro, he works for Tomas, was picking Geoff Whithorn and Jaz Lockrie up from Barcelona airport. They are playing with me at the Nicko and friends gig on the twenty-fifth.
They arrived on time and were at the hotel shortly after I had got back. I called Geoff to say welcome to Barcelona and to give him a time to meet in the old lobby. We were all going to travel to the gig together.
I needed to be at the bands hotel in Barcelona to do some interviews for seven in the evening so we had arranged to leave the hotel at six o clock just to be on the safe side being it was a Sunday and all, lots of folks heading back home from the beach around that time. It did as it happens take us a good thirty minutes to go like half a mile up the 'Kin road I can tell you. So we weren't going to make it to the hotel on time.
I borrowed Pedro's handy phone and called Jim 'get to the brig right away you scurvy pig' Silvia and got him to redirect the phone calls for the interviews to Pedro's phone.
I had just finished the second phoner when we arrived at the hotel. We went on in to meet with Rod [he's our manager] and John Jackson [he's our agent] and Jim and the guys.
Nicholas had arranged to have a chat with Rod about starting work for the organization so we left them both over in the corner of the bar to sort something out. Nick has to go down to London sometime next week [Thirty-first August] to speak with Polly [she's our web site coordinator].
We left the hotel with Harry and the rest of us at eight- fifteen as we had a meet and greet arranged for nine o clock.
When we arrived I directed Geoff and Jaz to catering so that they could experience some of our caterers most delightful rubber dub dub boys and girls. They loved it, 'cor blimmy' said Geoff 'your bloody spoilt you lot aren't you"!. Yes we are, I know, but you do have to take care of yourselves on the road you know don't you!

Wally had arranged for a Paiste room for Tomas's entire guests and we had some lovely Red and White wine and Champers put in there for them. We did the "Meet and Greet" and after we started to get ready for the show. The show was fantastic we had a blast. The audience were absolutely the 'Kin biz I can tell you.
After the show we all headed back to Sitges. The rest of the band went back to their hotel in downtown Barcelona and by all accounts they were all having a great time to the wee hours of the morning. I don't blame 'em, this leg of our Brave New World tour has been and I really mean it, THE BEST EVER, thank you to every one from the bottom of me heart, that have supported us on this great tour of ours. You have all been a very integral part of the success of this tour I love you all Thank you again.

Monday was a great day. We got up around midday and got ourselves ready to go have a bite to eat. I called Nicks room and there was no answer. I was a bit worried so I asked the chambermaid if she wouldn't mind opening his door for me. Nick was spark out. He'd been out until eight o clock in the morning with a couple of English guys that he met in the hotel the night that he checked in.
Oh how it is to be young!

I've got to go now I'm nearly to Miami now so until later see ya.

Well boys and girls I worked on this diary yesterday for about an hour and I didn't save as I was writing and guess what? I lost the whole kit and caboodle. 'Kin marvellous.
Anyway I'm at it again and I'll try to remember to save this time.

So Justin and I went over the road to a restaurant that I thought Geoff and Jaz were at but they weren't there. So me little one and I went back to the hotel restaurant instead. Apparently the other guys found a different place to eat just down the street from where we were. It served late breakfast of eggs and stuff so they were really happy about that. After lunch we arranged to meet in the hotel lobby at three o clock.
We dropped Justin off at Tomas's house so that he could play with their dogs and to have a swim in the pool. Tony's sister, Janine, was going to look after him and bring him to the venue for seven thirty in the evening.
When we arrived at four thirty in the afternoon we rehearsed the set for a while then we took a break and had a couple of cold beers and then got back into playing mode. The set is great were doing a whole bunch of really cool stuff.
While we were playing Patrick 'the mad Irishman' Hegan turned up, he's an old mate of mine that has worked for various YoYo companies over the years, he was the Irish national champion for years. So we had a natter and Pat said that he didn't have anywhere to stay, as he couldn't get transport back to Malaga, so I said to Pat to ask Nicholas if it would be all right with him for Pat to crash in his room. Of coarse it was OK with Nick so Pat hung out with us for the rest of the stay.
After rehearsal we went to my favourite restaurant in Barcelona, it is called Monchos' and it is to be found at the Olympic marina. It is a fantastic seafood restaurant I can tell you. There were twelve of us at the dinner table and the headwaiter, Jesus, took great care of us. We started with a fantastic selection of tapas, which was really filling, and then after a good hour Tomas asked what we would like for the main coarse. I'm like are you sure we have had so much great food already. Anyway we ordered a couple of lobsters and they ended up bringing us a dozen fully grown specimens to the table. There's no way we'll eat all that lot I thought, I was wrong after a while there was nothing left but the shells. Lovely!

Talking of lobsters did you here the one about the guy that ordered a lobster and when it arrived on the table it only had one claw. 'Oh' said the guy to the waiter, 'this lobster's only got one claw what's the 'Kin deal 'ere'.
Said the waiter, 'If sir would kindly wait I'll pop off to the kitchen and enquire as to why it only has one claw'.
On the waiters return he said, 'I beg your pardon sir but chef informs me that the lobster has only one claw as it has been in a fight'. '
Well' said the guy, 'THEN BRING ME THE WINNER'.

So after dinner we head back to the hotel. It was very late when we left and my little one was feeling very sleepy so was I as it happens.
We went straight to bed. We got up at around eleven thirty, I called Nick's room to wake him up and Pat answered the jelly bone. 'Nicks still having a kip' says Pat, 'oh yeah, what have you to been up to' came my reply.
'Oh we just stayed up all night having a chat and a few beers' said pat
'Are you going to join us for the old brunch then' I replied.
'No I don't think we will, said Pat.
'Ok, we'll meet in the lobby at four-thirty to leave for the gig. Or if you like you can meet us there later, what ever you guys want to do. I said.
'All right' said Pat 'we'll most likely come down with guys, see you in the lobby'.

Justin and I made our way down stairs and meet with Geoff and Jaz, We went to the same restaurant as they had been to the day before and had a roaring bacon and eggs with spuds, then we made it back to the beach for a little swim and a sit in the sun. Jaz didn't make it so it was Justin, Geoff and myself. We were on the beach for a good couple of hours and then we went to get showered up and get ready to leave. Justin came with us and so we were all leaving at four-thirty.

The gig was fantastic. We had a beautiful girl called Lydia open the show with an erotic dance [that's got your attention boys aint it] and I'm like how are we going to follow that.
She danced for about ten wonderful minutes and then we blasted off with a Geoff Whithorn tune.
These are the tunes we did…
Van Widdle
The Wind Cries Mary
Help The Poor Chameleon
I did a drum solo in this tune and then when I finished I got up on the old microphone and had a few laughs with the audience. I had the opportunity to thank all concerned and also to help the raffle that we had arranged. The prizes were the drum set I was using and the cymbals. Two lucky people were soon to be the proud owners of some new gear.
After my chat we carried on with…
Cause We Ended As Lovers
Muddy Water Blues
White Room
And then we finished with,
Going Down.

We had a fantastic time, and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this a special evening.

The next day Justin Nick and myself headed back to London.
I got Nick dropped off at Paddington station and Rebecca, Justin and myself headed over to the Parker Meridian hotel at Gatwick. We spent the night there and then got on the flight back to Florida.

So that's it for the European tour as I said you guys and girls made it all worth while.
See you all again somewhere in time.
God bless you all.
And stay safe.
Love Nicko

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