23 Jul 2000 - Nicko - Barcelona


Well, well, well,
Its' another very fine day where we are thank you.
And how are you all this day?

Today we're on the Gander going to Barcelona from Murcia.
We played a show there last night.
It was a cracking gig. We had a lot of energy last night I think due to the fact that we have just come off of two days at home.

On board the Gander today we have, Steve 'he's not well is 'e' Harris, Justin 'bugaboo' McBrain, Johnny 'I'll look after him for you' B [bless you mate] First Officer Jim 'press 'im into it lads Silvia, Captain Bruce 'we're doing three hundred knots over the ground' Dickinson and me good self.

On Thursday morning I got up out of bed at four forty-five in the morning after having like two hours kip I had a car arranged to meet me at five o clock to take me to the airport, it didn't arrive. Thank goodness that there was a taxi sitting outside the hotel.
The reason for the early start was I wanted to get home to my family as they had come over to England from the States on the Monday. My flight from Madrid was scheduled for six thirty in the morning arriving in Luton at seven fifty AM.

It was on time and my friend Roger was there to meet me. We arrived at my home at nine thirty and I found me wife and nipper fast asleep, so I got meself undressed and got into bed, just as well as I was feeling pretty tired I can tell you. We all slept until noon when my little boy, Justin, popped his head in the door and then he saw me and jumped into the bed with me. It was wonderful to hold him and to give him a doing (pretend fight). We all got up and had a fantastic day together.

Friday was spent just lounging around. Justin and I went to our local park in the afternoon and then out to dinner at the Honeymoon Restaurant in Southgate. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever been to, fantastic food.
I've been using this restaurant for the past Thirty years, yes boys and girls I did say Thirty years. Fantastic!!!!!

Saturday the Gander Gang were all meeting in Madrid to pick up the Gander. We had arranged to meet at midday.
I met with Johnny B at Luton for an eight-thirty AM departure on Easy jet. My little one was with me as he's going to do the road trip thing with his dad for a few days. We're actually meeting up with Justin's brother Nicholas in Barcelona today.
So we head to Madrid.
When we arrived Bruce met us. He had flown over on a BA flight from Heathrow. We boarded a van and headed over to the other Madrid airport, Torre Jon where the Gander was parked.
We met with Jim Silvia got the clearance and made our way to Murcia.

On board the Gander were, Johnny 'he's a top man' B, Justin 'where's Jeffrey' McBrain, First Officer Jim 'he'll never see land again' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'he's still on about India' Dickinson and me good self.

Well we're about to land in Barcelona now.
See you soon.
God Bless you all.
Love Nicko.

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