19 Jul 2000 - Nicko: San Sebastian

Well, well, well, How are you all today?
Yes I'm fine today thank you.

Well we're on board the Gander today flying to Madrid. We have a show there this evening.
On board today's flight we have, Steve 'well I thought I knew where I was' Harris, Johnny 'let's phone Coxie' B, Adrian 'where's me travel bag' Smith, Natalie 'that's a lovely wine Nicko' Smith, First officer Jim 'shiver me timbers I'll saw his peg off I will' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'bollox, there goes the cap' Dickinson and me good self.

We had an absolutely fantastic day off in San Sebastian. The weather was idyllic. We have always enjoyed coming to this beautiful city. It is my favourite Spanish City.

The day before yesterday when we arrived at the hotel it was three o clock in the afternoon. I dropped my bags in me room and arranged to meet with Bruce in the lobby shortly afterwards. We decided to pop over the square to a bar that we always frequent when we're in San Sebastian.
We were only going to have a bite to eat but we ended up staying there for five hours. By the end of the five hours we were 'Kin pissed I can tell you. There was also a dinner planed for nine-thirty that evening. We headed back to the hotel and washed up, it was just after eight-forty when we got to our rooms. We arranged to meet in the hotel bar at nine ish.
After a few libations in the bar we headed out to the restaurant Juanita Kodjua. It's in the old town and is a place that we always go to when visiting San Sebastian. It is a fantastic seafood house.
The only problem is that I was so pissed I can't remember what I ordered to eat but I'm sure it was marvellous.

On to the show!

That afternoon I went on a walk about and bumped into Steve and Johnny B, had a chat and an ice cream with them and then wandered off in the direction of the aquarium. On the way I bumped into Johnny's wife Janet. She was with Lewis their son and his girlfriend Vicky and also Jim Silvia. We had a natter and said goodbye and then I bumped into Bruce he was wandering around in the same state as meself, TeeHee. I was looking for a place to grab a late lunch and settled on a nice looking restaurant on the dockside. I asked Bruce if he would like to join me and he accepted. We had a great lunch.
Bruce had a fish soup to start followed by a portion of large prawns or Gambas in Spanish.
To start I had a portion of sardines accompanied by a small house salad followed with a nice piece of Sole with spuds. Gorgeous it was as well. After lunch we had a strut around the old town and then I popped back to the hotel for a little siesta.

We played a blinder last night.
The audience were fantastic.
I am surprised that I got through the show. As you can imagine I was suffering with a humongous hang over.
We left the hotel for the gig at eight-thirty in the evening. The gig was cracking we all had a great time.

After the show I had a massage and then retired to me pit for a well-earned rest.

And it was good night from me.
God bless you all.
Stay safe.
Love Nicko.

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