17 Jul 2000 - Nicko - Portugal


Well, well, well, What's up????? I do hope that this finds you all doing fine today? I'm feeling splendid myself thank you.

We're on board the Gander today flying up to San Sebastian in the north of Spain.
We had a fantastic show in Vilar de Mouros in Portugal last night.
We had about a one-hour drive to the show so we left the hotel at eight thirty in the evening. It was actually seven-thirty local time in Portugal so we gained one hour on the way down to the show but lost it again on the way back.
We had a blast.
There we're about twenty-four thousand Billies there last night. It was a fantastic vibe at the festival.

When we were about a mile from the place we picked up a police escort in the form of a kamikaze motorcycle cop. This guy was driving like Arnie Shwartzenegger did in the movie Terminator 2. We nearly wiped out at least five people. When we arrived at the show we were all a little relieved to say the least.
We did a few interviews and had a little relax in the lounge and then I had a bit of a blast on my tubs. I was a little bit tight, as we hadn't played for a week. I soon loosened up though and it was soon time to get changed for the show.

While we were getting changed Janick showed me how bruised he was and I can tell you he had really some nasty looking ones especially on his back. Praise the Lord for it could have been a lot worse than it was.
He did a great gig that night. I admire his courage and resolve to have been able, so soon after his accident, to get up and do the gig. I know that he was in a lot of pain.

Bless you Jan.

So we had a great night. After the show we headed back to Vigo. We arrived at the hotel after a little detour around the 'Kin city.
You see we were travelling in convoy.
When we got stuck at some traffic lights the leading van which I might add had our TOUR MANAGER in it pissed of and left us with a driver that had NO IDEA where the hotel was, 'Kin marvellous.
So we eventually arrive at the hotel and we all said goodnight and went to our rooms. It was Three o clock in the morning by the time we found the 'Kin hotel.

Well we leave the hotel in absolutely gorgeous weather. It is twenty-eight degrees and we're all very happy to be in some warm weather at last. It was a little different for me as I've been back in Florida for a few days where it was a little bit hotter.

Oh yes, on board the Gander today we have, Steve 'he's definitely not well' Harris, Adrian 'where's me fishing book' Smith, Johnny 'they poured the dustbin all over it' B, First officer Jim 'they'll never get me treasure' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'I 'kin paid for channel eleven but it didn't work' Dickinson and me good self.

Got to go now.
God Bless you all.
Take care.
Love Nicko.

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