16 Jul 2000 - Nicko - Florida


Well, well, well,
How the heck are you?
Yes I've missed you all; you know I have, don't you?

The Goose gang are back on the road only we're the gander gang now until the end of the European tour. Read on………..

We're heading off to Vigo in Spain.
We have a show in Villas de Mouros, which is in Portugal. It's a forty-mile drive from Vigo.

We don't have the goose today she's in having her annual maintenance checks so Bruce had to pop of to Cambridge where he hired a different four twenty one Cessna. It isn't as pretty inside as the Bruce Goose but it has a bit of a longer range due to bigger fuel tanks. We call it 'The Gander'.

On board the gander today we have, Steve 'and another thing' Harris, Johnny 'I'll have 'em when we get back from Madrid' B, Jim 'make 'im walk the plank me hearties' Silvia, Captain Bruce 'look out the window you'll see Concorde' Dickinson and me good self.

Well since my last diary, which by the way was not in chronological order. I've been back to Florida to see my family and friends. I left for the states on Virgin Atlantic's flight out of Gatwick at ten forty- five in the morning. It was a great flight.

The Nottingham Forrest football team were travelling on the same flight and I got to meet Dave Bassant and Johno Johnson. It was funny, they got into some hot water with Dave Platt their boss because they were up in the upper class cabin with myself and the stewardesses having a whale of a time drinking champagne and telling jokes to the girls and generally having fun, but the guvner didn't like that so he sent one of the henchman up to fetch them back downstairs. When they were leaving to go downstairs Dave said 'why don't you come down to the back of the plane with us and have a drink'. 'Okay' I said so I went to see the head stewardess, whom I had flown with before and asked her if I could take a bottle of champers back to the boys.
'Sure you can' she said.
So off I go clutching a lovely bottle of bubbly. I locate the two hooligans standing at the back galley chatting to the stewardesses and having a rare time.
'Here he is' said Dave 'and he's got a bottle of bubbly as well. Well done'.
So we polished off the bottle and I went on the hunt for Debbie my top-notch supervisor to swag another bottle but alas they were all out of the shampoo. Blast. So the guys had to make do with some red wine instead. We swapped phone numbers and I made tentative arrangements to see their game on the Wednesday evening in Fort Lauderdale and then made my way back to my seat.

We arrived on time into Miami and I had a one-hour drive to my house in Boca Raton.
It was great to be home. Me wife Rebecca cooked up one of my favourite dinners and I opened a bottle of lovely Las Casses that I had brought with me from blighty.
It was fantastic. My little boy Justin was in fine form he had me in stitches. He said that he was really into Eiffel 64 and Maiden wasn't his favourite anymore. I could have cried.

So the next day we head down to the beach and had about an hour and a half in the sun. Man it was burning, ninety-four degrees it was lovely. After that we hit a place called the Cove for lunch. Me wife and I shared a dozen oysters and then I had a bowl of clam chowder that I shared with me little boy followed by a dozen chicken wings accompanied with a house salad.

I was in heaven. It was a mixed blessing to be home I was very concerned for Janick but it sure was nice to get a few days back home. That evening my son had a plan to take me to the movies and to meet some of our friends.
There is a new movie house just opened called Movico cinemas. There are twenty different screens showing as many different movies. We arrived at seven-fifteen to meet with our friends Karen and Steve Dewey. They are already there when we arrive. It was lovely to see them both again, they are really good friends and I love them both

We had a little time before the movie so my little one played on the old pinball for a while. The cinema has a games room with vid games and such.

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