09 Jul 2000 - Nicko: Bad Night In Mannheim

4:00pm On board the goose.

Well, well, well,
I hope you lot are doing fine this day?
I'm not so bad myself, a little sad today but more about that in awhile.

Well boys and girls it's all been happening since my last diary I can tell you.

After we arrived in Mannheim Nick and Harry dropped me off at the hotel and they proceeded to the football field where there was a game scheduled with a local side called Harmonia.
The Maidens won the match three -two. Apparently the Harmonia team were formed fifty-two years ago. Steve told me that all of the Maiden team were treated with great respect and courtesy. A fine game was had.

In the mean time I had stayed at the hotel and took a little siesta. I watched the movie Stigmata. It was pretty scary but in a beautiful kind of way. After the movie I took a snooze. I had arranged for a car to meet me at four o clock in the afternoon to take me down to the gig. A guy called Michael met me and he drove me to the site.

Motorhead were taking the stage at four-forty and I really wanted to see their show. I made it in time to see them what a blast. Lemmy never changes. It was great to see my old pals again. The last time I saw the Lemmster was in The Rainbow in L.A at the time when we were making the Wicker Man video.

We had not been on the same bill since Curitiba in Brazil in 98. It was great. There's Mickey Dee [no the reel one not the 'Kin hamburger chain] clobbering the daylights out of his kit and my dear old mate Phil Campbell having the best time and the lemmster, as always on great form. So after their gig we had a chat in the old dressing room and I lifted a glass of red wine to the guys and our friendship.

After the change over it was Dream Theaters turn to take the stage. I've always been a big fan of Michael Portnoy's and the band; so I popped me head in their dressing room just before they were going on stage. I dropped off as I did with Motorhead a bottle of fine Château Lanscombe and had a bit of a natter. I left them in peace and went to find where me practice kit was at. I found Pete, 'rusty convict' Clark he's my drum tech and he told me that the drums were in the Dirty Deeds dressing room.
They opened the Metal 2000 show at ten-thirty in the morning.
I went back to get Michael so he could take a look at the kit. He had a little blast on them. I wished he'd played a little longer but I think he got a little shy as Grav the Deeds fine stixman was sitting in the room with the whole of the Dirty Deeds band. TeeHee.
So the theater hit the stage so I'm off to watch them, they were fantastic as always. A great pleasure to see them in action. After their show was over I decided to have a little nosebag. I headed over to catering to get some food and on the way I bumped into Martin, 'prince of darkness, lord of light' Brennon, he had a grin on his face that a Cheshire cat would have been proud of.
'What did she have' I asked
'A little girl' he replied.
'And how's mum doing' I asked
'She is doing fantastic. We had a beautiful little girl we called her Lauren. She's seven pounds four ounces and doing fine'. Martin said.
'I'm so happy for you mate' I said
We said see you later and I went into catering.
I asked Fiona if we were still carrying any Bollinger Champagne and she said that there were twenty or so bottles still to go.
'Great' I said. Lets open up like, eight bottles get all the Maiden crew in to the catering tent and lift a glass of bubbly to wet the babies head and to wish Martin and Clare good health and happiness.

We arranged to do this at seven in the evening. We couldn't get all of our crew to be there at this time because some of the guys were setting the stage up for Slayer. They would lift a glass later. Someone rounded up Martin. Fiona and I popped the bottles and I made a toast and we all wetted little Lauren's head.

It was time for my little rattle on me tubs so I head for the Deeds dressing room. Tony the bass player was in there with his bass rig set up.
'What's all this then' I inquire.
'Me rig went do

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