01 Jun 2007 - Rod's Ready for the Road

Are you all ready for A matter of the Beast Tour- l think we are. And so the diary starts again, The band have spent this week fine tuning the set before the crew put the show together to check everything was working which thankfully it was. I just spoke to Dickie in Ljubljana where he was standing on a slippery ramp where its raining heavily as it apparently has been in Eastern Europe for about 3 weeks. Fortunately the forecast for tomorrow and next week (Sofia and Ostrava) is much better so it looks like we wont get  wet. I wont be at the show tomorrow as l am taking time out for a mate's big birthday party so they will get started without me for a change. I will be on the rest though and very much look forward to it. This means that my next diary will be Tuesday after Sofia. So l don't have much more to say right now !!!

Note though if you haven't got tix for Brixton get onto it immediately. A whole load of tix already went this last week to you guys in the Online Club and the remainder went on sale to the "public" this morning and as of lunchtime it was pretty well sold out so if you want to be there and don't have tix get onto it straight away. It will be our last show in the UK for a year at least and should be a blast playing in such a small venue after all the big shows coming up.

If you cant make any of the shows we are allowing Live Nation to put out the whole Donington show on webcast live as a one off - you can link in from our site - Sunday June 10 at about 9pm. See the website for full details. Seemed like a good idea to let fans in places we haven't been able to get to at least have some chance to get to see the show - not ideal l know but the webcast will be the best we can make it for them to join in live. Get some friends round, turn it up and get the beers in!

Hope to see many of you out there. Take care

- Rod

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