01 Feb 2008 - Rod in Mumbai

Rod's diary thurs Jan 31 -- MUMBAI, INDIA

Couldn't get to sleep for a while, a bit lagged, but finally got a good sleep and up at about 11.30! A sight-seeing tour had been arranged for 12pm for some of the band, families and friends, plus of course the documentary crew who are getting everywhere, Matt and Fiona from Sky TV and our photographer John Mc. I was very pleased that some of the band went along as it would give our doc and Sky some good local colour for their features and as the band quite like them all they are happy to chat.

Checked emails though and had too much to do to join them so settled down to work til about 3. Its a beautiful room to work from though, a suite with massive windows out to the beach and sea so life is not that bad. Ploughed through then headed down to the gym to throw some weights about and some much needed stretching after the long flights.

Reminds me of a story told to me by Phil de Glanville, ex-England centre, and a very good one. He was on the treadmill churning out the miles in the England gym at Twickenham -- the room we will use for our post gig bash on July 5 in fact -- and Martin Johnson was throwing the massive weights around. He went over to Phil and said "Did you see that?? What can you do". Phil thought for a while and said quietly, "Well...I can read!!". Pretty well sums up the forward/backs mentality. Hope you all like rugby. I am currently trying to find out if the Wales v. England game on Saturday will be shown on Oz TV -- should be a very interesting game and give us an insight into how we may progress. On the footie side Steve of course was "over the moon" to hear his beloved West Ham beat Liverpool 1-0!

Had a quiet break catching some sun by the pool then back up to the room to check emails etc and shower and get ready for the press conference at 6,30. Went down a bit early to meet our promoter Venkat from DNA.
As l said some of band, Steve, Dave and Jan to be precise, went off with our EMI guys here sightseeing. They went to the Gates of India. But it took them 2 hours of very slow traffic to get back and were over an hour late arriving back a bit before 7 for a press conference to start supposed to start at 6 -- and with representatives of most to the major news and music media in India attending. Fortunately they all knew all too well about how bad traffic can be in Mumbai -- shame our EMI friends didn't! So we finally got started with an introduction from Venkat although Jan arrived about 20 min after everyone else having been told by someone to stay in his room and wait for a call -- which he didn't get! Jan is always on time and up for anything so I can take his word for it of course!

Funnily enough we had just been asked a question about what it was like having 3 guitarists which Dave quickly pointed out was not always the case. The band are getting good at press conferences and seen to enjoy them a bit. They can be very funny, especially with some of the stupid questions we get from some of the less informed media. One asked as we were rock stars -- yes he actually said rock stars, oh dear -- what was it like backstage at our concerts and Nicko just said if he told him he would have to kill him. People still seem to think its all drugs, booze and naked birds lounging around, whereas our backstage tends to be a few beers and hairy roadies!!

Venkat was very smart as he arranged some fantastic Indian food in the entrance area to the conference room so of course the band hung around. So of course so did all the TV cameras and journalists to they all got much more coverage and more direct questions to the guys!! And the band didn't mind as they were stuffing their faces with some great Indian food. Steve even got his family down for it!

After the press conference I met up with Dave P, our photographer John, Scot and Sam from documentary team and Gaddsy to go through what could be expected the next few days and procedures around photos and filming for our online club and site -- ie. you guys!

Basically John will provide a dozen or so shots daily, some for live section, some for our diaries and Gaddsy will send in half a dozen or so daily. The first batches will soon be up if they aren't already.
Dave is to start 'Maiden TV News' with some 12 five minute or so news pieces throughout the tour, Dave will be the presenter with Johnny B being the cameraman. Dave will tell you more about it in an introductory piece on here soon and the first instalment will be mid-next week we hope. We are of course dependant on time and editing facilities so these wont necessarily be very regular but there will be at least 12 over the period by mid-March.

Then joined Andy, John, Barry and Pete with their respective wives for a bit more excellent curry in the hotel! And It really was terrific.

Went back to bar for a while after and ended out talking with Bruce and Sam about various stuff including what support we could be looking at for the North America May - June tour. Its really not so easy but it was helpful to hear from the the two of them as they are both up to speed more than I am on younger bands, Bruce from his radio rock show and Sam cos he's an obsessive metal fan!! Won't mention any names at this stage though but it is hard to find a band that suits everyone.

Finally got to bed about ...errr?????

That's it til tomorrow

- Rod

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