10 Feb 2008 - Rod in Perth

Rod Diary - Feb 5

Up about 8.30am, breakfast, emails....the usual. Feeling the pace a bit after a late night but we have to meet in the lobby at 9.30 to get to the plane early to do a couple of interviews and take shots of band with the plane which we haven't really been able to do before. This is an ideal opportunity as Perth Airport is fairly quiet and the staff there very friendly and helpful being Aussies -- also a lot of Maiden fans we found. Imagine the security procedures to get 20 or so people on the runway round a plane in Tokyo or LAX!

Bruce, Steve, myself, photographer John and documentary crew went there first. We have agreed that Bruce could show some media around the plane, do some shots in the cockpit and then Steve and Bruce would then talk to each of them -- the Age (Melbourne), The Telegraph (Sydney), The Australian (national) and JJJ Metal show (Sydney radio). Each gave us terrific coverage and asked intelligent questions so fairly painless. As regular readers will know, Maiden aren't really up for having to do media on tour but they do accept that some is necessary otherwise how do the fans know what is going on (unless they read my diaries of course!!) and how do we reach new fans to join the family if we don't get any radio. So we try to keep it to major media with large circulation as its sort of more for less and I can make best use of the media time I can coax out of them!! And it always makes life easier if the journos are smart and have some different questions rather than the same old......

Rest of band came down about noon by which time John had marked off good positions for shots with plane. Fortunately although it was quite hot, John actually got very sweaty and the heat definitely started getting to him, it wasn't enough to fry eggs on the runway. So we did shots in turn on a good spot with the media photographers and then they went off for us to do our own, many of which you will soon be seeing I hope. Took about an hour, then we loaded the crew and flew off for Melbourne, arriving about 7pm.

Flying procedure now settling down and on arrival band and myself were straight off the plane into cars and off to the hotel with bags getting delivered to the rooms later. Some of the band are very loath to be separated from their bags but everyone is starting to see the sense of this. I certainly do. We parked in the private section of the airport and came straight out so I don't know if there were many fans waiting in the main terminal although we did see a lot a bit in the distance by the perimeter fence waiting for the plane.

On arrival in room straight on laptop til about midnight then bed perchance to sleep......PLEASE.....I need it!!

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