10 Feb 2008 - Rod in Sydney


Can we sleep???? Forget it!! Lay awake til 1am and got up. As I said before we are 11 hours ahead here so 1am is 2pm GMT so by then I have plenty of emails to keep me happy!! Especially when we are starting to schedule media for LA and after in South America -- it does actually take a fair bit of planning if you want to get it right and with Mary and Val we do try to. Also some press releases to work on -- I have always done this myself from the beginning as I know what I want to get across so its easier and better than using PRs etc to do it. Sometimes I will have Dave do a draft along a brief if I am busy but generally I write them especially on the road when Dave is busy playing with his cameras and of course his new Maiden News for you guys. Due to having to do that intro in Melbourne he is a bit behind but promises to have a double bumper 10 min issue on India and Oz ready for you very soon. We shall see!!!!!

Anyway got out of bed, dealt with incoming, went back to bed, tried to sleep.

Same procedure again at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am -- bloody jetlag -- should have had a few beers but don't like taking pills. Finally got off after 9am til about 1pm. At least l got some sleep though l am starting to feel quite speedy and light headed from lack of sleep. And I am not the only one getting this problem. But we should be acclimatised soon, at least by Tokyo when we take another big time jump (and gain a day) to LA!!!

Got some breakfast in the room then and continued til about 5pm as I wanted to be at the show early. Acer Arena is part of the Olympic Park they built here which includes the Testra Stadium (?) where I attended the World Cup Rugby in 2003 and I do love reminding my Aussie mates of the result. I wore my very special and one off prototype of our Twickenham event shirt just to wind them up (top secret). Sorry to you Aussie FC members but the Brits don't get much chance to do this!!!

Had a good long meeting with our excellent promoter Paul Dainty about general future plans -- yes we will be back and we will be in Kiwiland which we all regret just not being able to fit in the schedule this time round, with England playing cricket there right now (and badly losing the first 50 over match -- the 20/20s don't count!) you can be sure I would have got us there if it could be made to make sense this time round.

The Acer Arena is another fantastic arena  - first night sold out 14,000. Huge place, other bands could get more in but we don't sell the sides by the stage as the kids cant see anything!! Immense reception, immense reaction. All good except we had to miss pyro in Rime as a lighting truss went a bit out of control and was too low for the overhead bursts so would singe the band's heads!! Shame, its my favourite effect. But a great gig. Went back after and found all the band had done a runner so got a car back to the hotel and headed for the bar there. It was on the top floor with a gallery running round and wonderful views over Sydney and the Bridge and Opera House at night.

Relatively quiet night and called it a day at about 2 am -- and to bed......and to sleep.....yeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!

- Rod

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