11 Feb 2008 - Nicko in Australia

Hotel room Sydney
Time: 3:35pm.
Sunday 10th February 2008

Well, well, well, how are we all today?

Having an absolute blast down 'ere in Oz I can tell you.
We played a couple of shows in Melbourne last week and we got the second one in Sydney tonight.

Man was Melbourne fun. We played at the Rod Laver Arena, they just had the Australian tennis open at this gaff.
A couple of weeks ago when I was back home with Nick in blighty I was watching the tennis and commented to Nick that in a couple of weeks I will be playing in that gig, it was cool to be there, seeing all the familiar signs all over the place. Amazing!
Well we kicked off the first show at 9:15pm and rocked the place fairly well. There were a few mistakes again but nothing that we couldn't handle. The show went down great with the fans and man I have to say a big 'THANK YOU' to all you crazy Aussie' for supporting us and making this trip so memorable and fantastic, you guys are GREAT!!!!

We had a really good time as usual and everyone is happy with the new set list, we changed the running order a wee bit, just flipped a couple of tunes. Anyway, it all works 'Kin great. The stage set is really great and we have a new pyro guy named Clint, working the controlled mayhem. He has done four shows to date, at least at the writing of this part of me diary, (it is 5:30am in the morning the day after the last Sydney show, yes you guessed it, still got the dreaded lag. When will it end?) So, he has got things worked out really well and we are all over the moon to be back with the various flames and what- not. Very cool.

The first Sydney show for me was really amazing we were on fire and also the audience was so with us that we all felt that they were having just as much fun as we were. At one stage, the crowd just went really crazy and it seemed to go on for a very long time, Bruce was actually lost for words for awhile. A great night, Anyway, I'm getting ahead of meself!!!!! AAAHHHEEEE

Back to Melbourne, after the first nights, show we all headed back to the hotel. I went straight to me room and had a shower and an early night. Got to try and get a good rest!
The next morning was up a wee bit early as our promoter had arranged for a round of golf for the boys. Dave, Barry, Boomer, our merch guy and meself headed out to a splendid course called SANDHURST, it is the home of the  Australian PGA.
Great course.
We had our documentary team with us and we had such a funny day. It will all be revealed in the film when it is released, it will be a spoiler if I tell you know.

So, it was Dave and I against the Merchandisers.
Well, we gave 'em a good doing we did.
Twenty Aussie dollars were transferred from them to each of us and we were really happy to have been victorious.
After the game we made our way back to the hotel for a wee siesta. I got couple of hours rest and then it was time to head down for the second show.
We did our usual blazing set and I thought again that the first night had the edge, although we didn't have any mistakes, it just seemed to me that the night before had a wee something extra about it, not to give you the wrong idea it was still a stonking show, boys and girls!!!!!!!!

Right back to Sydney.
When we arrived from Melbourne I went down with the lurgy again. I felt so bad, my head was aching and I couldn't stop sneezing and felt generally very run down, 'Kin great,' something else to disabilitate me. I hate getting sick at the best of times, let alone when I have to play a couple of shows in a row. Anyway, I went straight to me bed and stayed there for all of the day off and most of the day of the first show. Ian popped out to the chemist for me and brought me a bunch of home remedy stuff. I swigged a bunch of Benadryl and took a couple of powders and later on the Saturday was feeling at least a wee bit better.

Boy that adrenalin sure 'Kin works boys and girls. I got through the show and was very chuffed that I had not keeled over with exhaustion.
As said earlier a great night!!!

Well, last night was a fantastic show again. We played really well and had a blast.
Again I thought that the first night had the edge, but then, what do I know?
After the show I had a massage from Pete, our masseur.
I had a few problems with me back during the show so decided to get some TLC on it.

After the massage I went to the upstairs bar to say goodbye to Andy T and Liz also Barry and his wife, Agi, were leaving us in Sydney. I had a beer with them and after our farewells I headed back to me room, full of the intention to have a wonderful sleep especially as I was feeling very relaxed and tired.
Well, as you have gathered I'm up and wide awake at this most 'Kin ridiculous time of the day.
I can't wait for the night when I get a full rest.

EEEMMM, LA me thinks?

Only a week away!!!

The misses is coming out to see me!!!!!

EEEMMM, should be a very nice time and rest, TEE HEE!!! Yeah right

Well, I'm off boys and girls.

Stay safe and sound.

God bless you all.

Love and respect






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