11 Feb 2008 - Rod in Sydney II

Rods Diary Feb 10 -- Sydney 2

Woke about 11am, shower and breakfast and on to laptop. Tomorrow I am going off tour for a few days diving on the Great Barrier Reef up in Cairns. I will miss Brisbane and Yokohama but will be back for the Tokyo show. I deserve a bit of R and R!! But more about this later. However as I am going to be off I want to catch up with as much as I can so l don't have to do too much the next few days. So I settled down to a long session of catching up with this diary (as you have probably noticed), drafting out some significant press releases about touring, the success of Live After Death DVD (which you will all be pleased to know looks to be no 1 or at least top 3 in most places round the world.. Although I say it myself it really is a great package!) And organising media schedules for up and coming dates. Plus clearing any backlog. Pretty well managed it too and have got largely up to date even to the point of writing this the morning after -- its only 10am and I am on the plane to Cairns.

I went down the show at 7.30 with Nicko, a bit later than usual, as I needed the time to finish the work. Had some food at catering then met with Scot and Sam about our documentary to make sure they were getting the access they needed and all was well in terms of getting all the footage they required. They had been out doing some interviews with Steve at the Opera House and Jan at the Harbour Bridge that afternoon and said that largely the band were being quite cooperative. It is important that they are if we are to get the close and intimate documentary of this tour that we all wish to get but Sam and Scot, by both being intelligent and passionate metal fans, are being accepted by the band as part of the team as the feeling is they are genuine about all this, something a lot of doc crews would not be. Scot and Sam have demonstrated their passion and commitment to metal with two great docs already -- the award winning Metal; A Headbangers Story and the soon to be released Global Metal -- and I always felt that the band would soon come to like and trust them and fortunately this seems to be the case to date. They both seem happy with the content they are picking up and by the time we get to the madness of the Latin America section with its huge crowds and even huger excitement everything should be on a very even keel.

The second show at the Acer went well -- we had about 9,000 for this second show so played to around 23,000 people in Sydney, not a bad result and 16,000 more than we played to last time in 1993!!
These modern halls are designed so they can be curtained for different audience sizes and by doing this effectively the 9000 looked full anyway so here was no lessening of the vibe of the show. I actually sloped off after the band went on stage to get a massage from Bruce's masseur and very good it was too. I saw the encores though and audience looked and sounded like they had had a great time!! And I am told all the pyro worked effectively and that the sound was good. So a great couple of nights in Sydney so thank you to all you fans there. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed being in this fantastic city (and venue).

All band did a runner and I jumped in with Bruce, who said it was a good show with a very good audience. He had been at an air show all day with a friend and got to fly in a Dragonfly and see a couple of Spitfires so he was in a pretty good mood all round!! Some of the band were going back to the Irish Pub that Jan and Davey went to the night before. They said it was rockin' and had loads of TVs with sport on so would return tonight to watch the Man U game and more beers with the fans. The rest went back to the spectacular hotel bar. I went up for an hour to have a drink and say farewell to Paul Dainty and some of his team and also Pat Cash who was there with us. He is an old friend of Steve and Adrian in particular. When we first went to Oz in 82 on NoB Pat was Wimbledon Junior Champion and a big Maiden fan. So a game was arranged with Steve playing with Pat and I played with his coach who l think was called Ian Barker. I think we lost. When Pat moved to the UK, H in particular saw a lot of him and played with him occasionally. H is a bloody good tennis player and actually went to play with Pat again while we were in Melbourne.

I didn't spend long in the bar though as it's a 7am wake up tomorrow so headed back to room about midnight to pack -- I like to pack the night before -- and get an early night. But I couldn't resist it could I?. you may recall from my Bangalore Diaries that I have Sky Slingbox so I can get the sport and last year in Bangalore watched all 3 Six Nations rugby matches. Well its working fine here and Italy v England was on live on BBC, which I can get on Slingbox of course, at 1.30am my time. Couldn't not watch it, could I!! Good first half and bloody awful in second. Lucky to hold out for a narrowish win. I missed the Welsh game as we were in the air Mumbai-Perth at the time but I had it recorded on Slingbox. However when I saw the result and report on my Blackberry on landing in Perth I didn't bother watching it -- would have been too painful!! And the cricket in NZ is not going much well with a big loss in first 50 over match! So in the end bed about 3.30am feeling pissed off with a very poor performance!! Did sleep though.

- Rod

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