12 Feb 2008 - Nicko in Brisbane

Hotel room Brisbane
Time: 1:15pm
Date: February 12, 2008

Well, well, well, this has been the most incredible time boys and girls!!
I have been so amazed at the response that you fans have shown us over the couple of weeks of shows.

We have just finished our last show here in Brisbane.
The gig was really great and the audience were so into the show that we could not help feed off of the vibe. We played really, really well tonight and I was also very happy to see me old mate, Rangi and his wife Cathy make a visit to me, behind me kit on Moonchild, It brought back so many memories. Rangi has been a part of the Maiden family since 1983.
Great to see ya me old blows!!!!!!!!!

Anyway 'THANK YOU' Australia. You have truly made this trip one very special for myself and us all.

I would also like to say that it has been made even more special for me being here when your country has made an historic move, yesterday, with a very special 'Traditional Welcome' for the first day of the 42nd opening of Parliament. What wonderful timing for me to be here to have witnessed that.
You rule Aussie.

Thank you all again,

Look forward to seeing you all next year!!!!!!!

Well, we're leaving early for Tokyo tomorrow so I'm going to get a wee bit of rest, (I hope to if the old lag is a wee bit better, PLEASE).

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all
Love and respect


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