19 Feb 2008 - Rod - Non-day in LA


It was always going to be a quiet day. Got up feeling at least rested and a little better though still not wise to eat yet. But didn't feel like it anyway - when you have these stomach bugs your body doesn't feel hungry as it wants to kill the bug and if you eat then you just feed it. I have had similar on bike rides in Kenya and late last year in Peru and have ridden days on just water and salts. After a couple of days you start to feel very aware as you are detoxing! Also it's a great way to lose weight (especially as no alcohol too) which has to be good on the road where its quite tough to keep any personal discipline. The band get to work out and sweat on stage but I get to be tied to a laptop. I try to get to the gym but haven't made it since India. You can always make time irrespective of how busy you are but when you are tired and jet lagged as we have been pretty well since we started with the thousands of miles we have travelled, its quite tough to make yourself. So maybe this bug will be a blessing in disguise, who knows!

Writing this about 9pm. It was a cold day with little sun so not even a chance for a bit of sun lounging. So basically worked all day which I don't mind as it means I am caught up so can concentrate on the big show at the Forum tomorrow. There is huge anticipation on this from every side  - band, crew, friends, fans it appears, even our promoter Rich, who is a genuine fan, is developing a nervous twitch in anticipation. I think everyone is expecting something very special. And we intend to give it to them!! Also a feeling that the USA is really starting to fall for Maiden again. Whether this gets out of NY and LA and a few other major cities to other parts of the country remains to be seen but I think its probably unlikely for the same old reasons. Don't need to tell you guys. But its not something the band bother about -- they leave it to me!

"Highlight" of the day was a 3pm meet with Andy and Val on various creative/business cross over areas like future planning. Oh and having some white bread toast with honey and some peppermint tea!! This I have found you can have without causing any problems. Hope I feel like eating in the morning as it will mean either it wasn't a bug just an upset or its dead but usually it takes 5 days to die! We shall see though definitely feeling perkier  despite re-occurring stomach cramps, but I guess you don't really need to know that. One way or another I will be fully ready for the Forum!

Going to turn off this machine now, maybe watch a movie and hopefully fall asleep soon. See y'all later!

- Rod

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