25 Feb 2008 - Nicko does Japan and lands in LA

Hotel room Santa Monica LA
Time: 7 pm. Sunday 17th 2008

Well, well, well, here we are then. After what seemed to be an eternity in the air we have finally arrived in LA from Tokyo!!!!
WOW what a 'Kin blast I had there I can tell you.

The day after our Brisbane show on the 12th, we headed out for Tokyo. There was another long flight ahead of us. We had to make a pit stop in New Guinea which took a wee tad past an hour and then we were on our way again. What I saw of this island from the window of the plane was truly magnificent. I will most certainly return with my family for a vacation there.

So, after again, what felt life an eternity in the air, we arrived into Narita airport at around 8pm. We had a very smooth journey through immigration and customs. There were not any international arrivals coming in until later that evening. They normally start arriving around 10pm. The airport was remarkably quiet.

We made the journey to our hotel in a little under the hour and I was checked into my room by 10:30pm. Feeling a little worst for wear I decided to have some room service and try to get some rest.
Fat 'Kin chance there then.
I got off at around 1am and was wide awake at 4am.
Bollox' I really am pissed off with the perpetual 'Kin lag I can tell you.

So, I stayed up and after what seemed like an eternity I went down to an early breakfast. It was very nice, a spot of the old eggs over easy with spuds dejour which were spuds o gratin with a hint of curry, very yummy, accompanied by an English muffin and a glass of mango juice. Lovely Jubbly.

After breakfast I had a wee nap and got up at a little after 1pm. I arranged to go for a walk over to our crew hotel with Ian Daisy roots. We met Dickie and our new production manager, Jason Danter. After a wee walk we ended up in classic Japanese noodle bar. We had a very nice lunch and a couple of beers. EEEHHHMMMMM!!!!!!
After the nosebag, Ian and I headed back to the hotel. I had to lie down for a while as I am most definitely out of training for having a beer in the afternoon. Slept to about 5am and awoke, wide awake again, not a great nights rest. But definitely the longest nights sleep I have had in a long time. Stayed awake and had an early breakfast again.

Went back to me room and had a rest. We were due to leave the hotel at 5:30pm. Stage time was quite late for Tokyo at 7:30. We are normally finished by then. We had a 'Kin blast. The show was actually in Yokohama about a one hour drive from the hotel. The gig went great. We played really well but I have to admit the show was in a theatre and all the fans have a seat and so it is as it always is in Japan, a wee bit formal. You know, well behaved, not quite rock and roll really. Anyway, it was a stonking show.
After the show we headed back to the hotel. We decided not to do a runner. It was nice to unwind at the show and so we took advantage of this and had a meeting with Ian to discuss the flying arrangements for our trip to Mexico.

We left the venue after a couple of hours and headed back to the hotel. I went straight to the bar and met with Rod, who had just arrived from a three day break in Oz. He had gone to the Great Barrier Reef for a few days of diving. (See Rod' diary)
We said our hello's and then I sat with Scott, he's our documentary guy, and we consumed a great deal of warm Sake, I was most inebriated I can tell you, I did however, get a most splendid nights sleep, although I awoke with a serious hangover.
Well, I didn't really feel very well and it was time to leave from the hotel to go to the venue.
We left at 4pm and made the hour drive to the venue. When we arrived I went up to check me tubs and was pleasantly surprised to find that the gig was GA, which means general admission. I didn't think that this kind of gig existed in Japan, again, what a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!'Kin fantastic show we were on 'Kin fire I can tell you. The audience was so into it. What a difference from the theatre type gigs. AWESOME is all I can say.
After the show we all did a runner back to the hotel.
There was a surprise party arranged for Dickie Bell. It was being thrown at the Hobgoblin, an English style boozer in the city. After a shower and a wee rest I headed out to the rubber dub.
I had a coke and said my farewells to Dickie and then made my way back for an early night.

What a great trip this had been to Japan. I always enjoy visiting this country and never fail to have a great time, 'THANK YOU' too all of our fans and friends for making this trip a truly memorable time for me.
God bless you all.

So, the next morning we made our way to the airport at a little after 12pm, we arrived there within the hour being as it was Sunday there wasn't very much traffic on the roads. Our check in was very smooth. The Japanese are very good at all that sort of organizing and wotnot.
We were sitting on the plane and ready to go in less than an hour after arriving at curbside.
We were flying to LA but had to make a pit stop in Anchorage for fuel and to clear Customs and Immigration.
We arrived into a very cold Alaska where it was -4 degrees on the ground BBBBBUUUURRR!!!!!!
We all had to get off the plane with our luggage and do the necessary. It went very smooth and all the folks at the airport were very nice and helpful. All went so very well.
After we were cleared, we all went back through security and boarded the plane. It did take us six and a half hours to get there but, hay, in the scheme of things a remarkably short flight WHAT!!!!!!!!!! It aint over though is it???????

Bruce was at the helm for the leg to LAX international airport. We arrived at a little after 9am. We made our way to the hotel at Santa Monica and as I was standing at the reception my wife came up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and said "WHO is it", well, that was it I was as happy as a lamb to hold her in my arms and so on to the next story, EEEMMMMM later maybe.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.


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