25 Feb 2008 - Rod in Guadalajara


With a show in Guadalajara on the 21st Ed Force One had to take band and crew to Mexico on the 20th so flew there in advance. Also Guadalajara and Monterrey being back to back it would mean a very early start on the 22nd going to Monterrey. As this is a tiring schedule anyway and the band are enjoying a "full social life" on this tour we try to give them as easy a time of it as we can and I thought LA would be a good time for a mini break. We have done most of the big journeys and time changes from India to Oz to Japan to LA and from here on in the tour is within just 2 timezones so is easier that way but they are big shows, it may get very hot and the schedule had to be tight to fit it all in. So we decided to stay in LA on the 20th, hire an Ed Force 2 to take the band to Guadalajara on the 21st, do the show there and then straight off to Monterrey. Check in the hotel there for the day and after the show all the band except Bruce and I would fly on Mexico City as that way they would get time to go and see the amazing Mayan Pyramids at Teotihuacán (spelling?)

So the 20th was in LA and I used it to catch up on email, check out the LA reviews (which were excellent!)  and meet with Vans who you may have seen are doing a series of very cool Eddie/Maiden shoes. I then had a quiet evening watching sport on TV and a reasonably early night to catch up.

Around midday we set off for LAX boarding our 12 seater jet for Guadalajara. Checked in, work on laptop and off to gig. Nice modern venue holding about 9000, sold out along with Monterrey in 4 days last Dec. The hall was very high with GA floor and seats stacked up right in front of the stage to a great height so the band were effectively playing right into the faces of the seated audience and they weren't very far away. And the audience were incredible, so very loud, and sang every word. One fan threw up to Bruce a big sombrero with the Eddie smiley on the front so of course Bruce went round all the band to put it on each of their heads with, of course, John Mc snapping away. These gigs really do have a celebratory nature -- its as if the fans are celebrating Maiden's illustrious career, but I have to warn you this is rather premature. We do have many plans for the future including a new album and we will continue for as long as we are physically able!! All the same these responses are most welcome anyway though!

After the show a runner to the plane and off to Monterrey, about an hours flight. A few drinks on the plane of course. After landing there were no cars, which the promoter arranges. They had gone to the wrong airport!! So had to wait about 45 min at about 1.30am. Not ideal but the Guadalajara audience had left everyone in great spirits so not a problem. We all had another beer instead. Cars finally arrived and it was off to the hotel in Monterrey.

- Rod

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