25 Feb 2008 - Rod in Monterrey


Worked all day and then off to gig with Steve about 4pm. Took some time with Steve to go through various current and future issues and plans. Set up laptop as production rooms at venues usually have good wireless connectivity and did some more work. Very busy setting up final details for rest of this tour and initial promotions for the US shows we have just announced which is why these diaries are a bit late. Sorry they can't take precedence!

Monterrey hall very modern, beautiful complex. Holds about 11,000. Again an absolutely stunning audience, incredibly loud. We haven't been in Mexico for 7 years and we wont leave it that long again.

After the show Bruce and I went back to the hotel and the rest took off for the airport. Had a quiet drink with Bruce for an hour then he signed stuff for and did pics with fans in the bar and when it closed at midnight we called it a night

Next stop Mexico city and the first BIG ONE!! Can't wait for this, if 50,000 fans are five times as loud as 11,000 in Monterrey we are in for a real treat!!!

- Rod

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