26 Feb 2008 - Nicko in LA

On board Ed Force One flying to Costa Rica
Time: 4:10pm local
Monday February 25, 2008

Well,well,well, how the blazes are you all?
Yes I'm doing well thank you!!!
Been having a great time as of late and we are getting so 'Kin tight I can tell you.

So enough of that for the minute.

Where was I, Oh yes LA. EEEEMMMMM
I had an absolute blast while I was there. Me and the misses had the best time.
After she had met me at reception we went to our room and stayed there ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!
Well, that's not entirely true. We had a siesta and then went for a walk down the old Santa Monica Pier.
It was a wee bit chilly actually so we went back to the hotel and got ready to go to Rod's surprise birthday party. Andy T had arranged a wee celebration for him at the local English rubber dub in Santa Monica, it's called the Kings Head.
We had a very nice time. My dear friends Eric and Kelly Paiste came as did Scott Ian and his lovely wife Pearl.
We had a smashing time. Lots of merriment and a few libations later we decided to head back to the hotel. I had an early night as I was very tired from the flight from Japan. Me misses went up to Dave and Tamara's room and she eventually came to bed very late.
Oh well!!!!!!!!

The next day was show day. It was 'Kin pandemonium I can tell you. Everyone comes out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, we had run out of tickets as the show was sold out months ago and all the bands tix were gone. It's OK though as we will be playing two shows in LA in May.
That's great as then I can get all me chums in to see us that didn't make it to the Forum gig.

We had cars arranged to pick us up from the hotel at 6pm. We left on time; there was meself, Davey, Jan and Gaddsy.
When we got to the show I had a couple of interviews scheduled, I did them and then went to Rod's hospitality room to see my dear friends, Ronnie James Dio, Vinnie Appice, Simon Wright and there was a couple of old mates there as well that I had not seen for awhile......

After seeing everyone I went and had a warm up on my small kit and then it was time to go on stage. Not before seeing my beautiful wife in an amazing outfit that made me want to forget going on stage and just take her in me arms and have me way with her, she looked fantastic.............
Anyway it was Showtime folks.
We hit the stage and boy, did we bring the 'Kin Forum to its knees. We were on fire and the audience in my opinion, were the best ever for LA.
'THANK YOU' Los Angeles for a most brilliant night.

After the gig we all got changed and I have to tell you it was more than pandemonium at the show it was 'Kin ridiculous back stage. You could not walk outside the dressing room as there were so many people crammed in the hall way. I decided to stay in our dressing room and bring my guests in to see me there.
My friend Scotty Cuppet from Taylor Made golf turned up with a couple of his pals and it was really nice to see them. I had been on the phone with him the day before and I asked if he was at home with the family being it was Presidents Day, and he said that he was at work and he was with Nick Faldo.
Taylor Made had just signed Nick to a new deal, Well, me jaw dropped I can tell you. Nick's been one of my golf heroes forever. So after a wee chat Scotty asked if I would like to say hello to Nick, Blimey mate is the Pope a Catholic???
I jumped at the chance. He put Nick on the phone and we had a really nice chat. As it happens, he told me that he had just brought an electronic set of tubs and that he would like to learn to play, so I said to Nick I have a proposition for you, "Go on" he said so I said I would have him playing drums in 3 months if he would reciprocate with a few golf lessons. OK he said, blimey I was gob smacked. So boys and girls I'm going to meet one of my heroes and also get a chance to work on my game with a true master of his art. I can't wait.

After a while my wife and I and our guests decided to go back to the hotel. My friends Rick Baum and Jimmy were with us, they had arrived the day before from Florida. We all headed back together. Eric and Kelly were with us and we had a night-cap at the hotel. After which, Rick, Jim, Rebecca and I went up to our room for a bottle of wine. It got to around 3am and I finally kicked me chums out.
The next day me and the misses stayed in bed ALL DAY!!!!!
We had a whole bunch of room service and watched a bunch of movies. It was bliss, I can tell you!!!!!
So, that's it for LA folks!!!!

The next day me misses headed back to Florida and I headed down to Mexico.

That's another story for another day as I'm going to have a nap just now. Speak at ya all later!!!!


Stay safe boys and girls
God bless you all


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