05 Mar 2008 - Nicko in South America

On board Ed Force One
Flying from Bogotá to San Paulo Brazil.

Time: 2PM
Date 27th February 2008

Well, well, well, what's up?
Hope everyone is doing OK.

I am at present flying to Brazil after a wonderful couple of weeks down south of the Border.

Since my last diary we've headed to Guadalajara in Mexico, we did a show there and then popped over to Monterrey for a show the next night. Well, both the shows were stunning and we played really well. The crowds at both gigs were really into it.
The day after the Monterrey gig we headed to Mexico City.

The next day I went on a road trip to the Pyramids just outside the city. It was about an hour drive and with me were Steve, Lauren, Kerry and Jan.
We had the best time. Our promoter had arranged a tour guide for us and he was fantastic. His name was Gorilla!!!!!
We did a ceremonial cleansing of the spirit before we headed into the centre of the Sun Pyramid. What a trip that was I can tell you. We were actually underneath at the centre of the pyramid. It was truly awesome. The chamber was where the Indians performed there sacrificial offerings way back 700 years before Our Lord Jesus. Then after this ceremony they built the Sun pyramid on top of the tunnels.
It was amazing. We captured this visit on film with our documentary guys so you will be able to enjoy the moments as we did. COOL!!!!!!!!

We had to leave a wee bit early much to our disappointment as we had to get back to the hotel for a 6:30pm press conference. We left the site at 4pm and made our way back to the city. The press conference went well and after it was over I went to my room and had an early night.

The next day was show day. We had a great show and really played well. The crowd was fantastic as well.
Every time we play in Mexico we always have so much fun. The audience's are really into their Rock down in this part of the world I can tell you!!!
'Kin magic time!!!!!!

After the show we made our way back to the hotel.
I went and took a shower and then hit the hay.

The next day we headed over to Costa Rica!
I was really looking forward to this visit as it will be my first time there.
We were scheduled to leave at around 11am. The flight would take a little over 2 hours. It was really nice as I had my friend Jeff Hammer and his misses Debbie out with us. They had traveled from LA with me and after Costa they are returning to Arizona.
So, after check in I went to the bar and sampled the local brew. Very nice it was I can tell you!!!

That evening we were invited to a dinner with our local promoter Eduardo. What a character he is.
A great man and wonderful company.
We ate at a local restaurant that was owned by a Spanish family. The food was out of this world as was the fine wines that we consumed. After dinner I had a chat with Eduardo and we got around to talking golf. He suggested that he could get a course sorted for the morrow so it was arranged through the owner of the restaurant.
Great!!!!!! A 9:30am tee off.

Well, I was up and raring to go for our game of golf. It seemed like a year since I had swung a club I can tell you!

Jeffrey decided to join me and we made our way to the course. It was the Valle del Sol a very pleasant looking track. We met with Boomer our merchandiser and Graham one of the spanners out with us from Astreaus.
We hit a few balls and then made our way to the putting green to roll a couple of putts before we were called to the tee. We finally made it to the tee box and I hit a fairly reasonable drive. We all hit off well and made our way to the second shot. I had a little over 110 yards to the green and decided to go with a strong 9 as the wind was pretty brutal. I hit on to the left edge of the green and made my way, putter in hand to towards the green. Jeffrey was over to the right and drove the cart over to hit his 3rd shot. Just before he hit, I was struck very severely by an errant shot from somewhere. The ball careered off of my left forearm hitting me an inch above my wrist. I most definitely had a guardian Angel looking over me because if the ball had hit my wrist it would have broken it. I watched as the ball came to rest a couple of yards past me and wondered with great pain and anger where it had come from?

Graham rushed all around to see if he could find the culprit and I suggested that we just wait and let whoever hit it come to us. In the moments that we were waiting I was in severe pain and was very upset that I may not be able to play the show that evening. It was getting so swollen I can tell you!
Eventually two golf carts came around from the back of tee green. I called over to them, "Is any one of you guys playing a 'Kin Maxfly #3" Yes came the reply, with which I laid into a verbal assault on the said guy.
We shouted fore he said, Yes right. Damage done. No point in getting more aggressive. In the mean time Boomer had popped back to the club house and brought back a bag of ice.
I applied that to my wrist and had to leave as I was in a lot of pain.
I gathered up my bits and bobs and Jeff and I made our way back to the hotel.
When I arrived I was met by Eduardo and he took me to see his doctor. I had an X ray and all was fine there, no broken bones, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

Well, I had to keep ice on the wound through the day. Eventually it was time to go to the show. I was really worried. I had severe pain and my arm was getting really swollen, I was not sure then whether I could actually hold onto a stick.
When I arrived at the venue I went straight to my warm up room and sat down behind the kit. I was so happy that I could hold on to me sticks and play. Mind you, it was extremely painful.
'Kin marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we hit the stage and had a great show. I did however have Peter come up between songs and work on my elbow and forearm, that at the very least helped me get through the gig.

After the show we made our way back to the hotel.
I went straight to me bed and tried to get some rest. I slept with me arm raised up on a pillow and did sleep a little.

The next day we were heading over to Bogotá in Columbia.
The journey took a little over 4 hours.
When we arrived it was crazy, there were so many fans at the airport and hotel. When we arrived I went down to the lobby bar and sat with Rod, some of the guys from the film crew and William Luff from EMI.
After a while we decided to go for some dinner in the hotel restaurant.
There was, William, Dave Pattenden, Mick Hudson, Davey and myself. We had the best time and got to experience some very fine Chilean wines and also some from Argentina.
We had a blast.

The next day was show day.
I was very concerned about the altitude, as Bogotá is close to 10,000 feet above sea level. I had arranged for some oxygen to be behind me and boy was I glad that I did that.
I needed it in between every song. I was struggling I can tell you! It was also very cold and again I was happy that I had the forethought to arrange a couple of fan heaters.
Well, besides having a dodgy wrist and needing oxygen, and heaters, the gig went really well. We played a great show and everyone had a good time. The billies went wild for us. It was a very memorable visit.

THANK YOU to all our fans for making this visit so COOL!!!!!!!!

Stay safe and well
God Bless you all.

Much respect

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