11 Mar 2008 - Rod - Porto Allegre


As this was the day after Curitiba, which is only 400 miles or so away, the equipment was all trucked there overnight. However we needed a crew there by noon as by then the staging, PA, lights, platforms would be ready for us to set up production, backline, monitors etc. So it was an earlier start for the band and departure about 10am for the short flight. Vans, fans, escort as usual to hotel.

Now I am typing this on the way to Puerto Rica from Chile and we are over the Andes at about 30,000ft but its too cloudy right now to see anything -- hope it clears whilst I am doing this. We were a few miles out to sea west of Peru at start of flight plan so didn't get to see the incredible Nascar Lines there south of Lima which is a real shame. You can't just change a flight plan for a bit of sightseeing sadly. But back to the point.... I just cant remember anything at all about the hotel in PA. It is now only 5 days ago but it is 2 countries ago so seems much much longer. But I didn't see much of the hotel -- or indeed anything else in PA -- just my room. To explain...

This is a small gig of 12,000 which again sold out very quickly last December. Apparently it's not that great sounding and there was nothing at the show I particularly needed to do so I stayed in my room from time of arrival to time of departure next day catching up with work. The previous few days as you may have read were very busy and American onsales are looming so I had a long and productive catch up session which took a lot of pressure off the following couple of days and I always feel a lot better when I am on top of things. I hate letting too much pile up as then you skim through it and don't do it properly -- for you guys at school and college this is truly great advice which as I know you will absolutely and totally ignore!

So really that was it for me there -- apparently at the hall the poor audience were packed in like sardines and it got very hot but I guess they were still glad to be there. And, despite the crippling heat on stage the band all very much enjoyed it. Sadly our last show in Brazil this time round -- and I missed it.

But thanks to all you fans there -- it has been a truly memorable week in your terrific country.

- Rod

Ps. Still bloody cloudy outside so cant see the Andes. I am about to go and complain to the skipper!!

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