27 May 2008 - Rod's Diary - Houston


It was a late night after the show last night in San Antonio so had a lie in to charge the batteries for the Houston show. We left the hotel at about 3 to go to the airport for the short flight to Houston and for a change everyone was on time and we arrived at the airport ahead of schedule. That is, all expect Nicko. As I mentioned before he was staying about 30 miles out of town to get some golf in. His car was late getting to him as was held up due to a crash on the freeway, so Nick was unavoidably almost an hour late. We pick up our plane here, a Gulfstream 200, a 9 seater charter for band, me, Ian and Gaddsy - the band party as we call it. The plane has been unofficially christened Ed Force One and a Half. Then, finally ready for take off, they couldn't get the jump seat down for the stewardess and its illegal to take off without all crew securely seated. In the end though after another 20 minutes a screwdriver did it. So by the time we got to Houston we were running late and hit all the traffic going to the show which delayed us even more. Just goes to show how the best laid and most convenient travel plans can get wrecked -- which is why we have to allow plenty of "eff up" time to our schedules.

H on his way to Ed Force One and a Bit.

I do have to say though that without Ed Force 1.5 or similar it would be impossible to tour with any level of enjoyment. If we had to go through 2 airports every time we would all go mad. Dallas a couple of days ago fully illustrated this. The queues, the needless delays, the sheer insanity of some of the security levels. It really does sometimes appear that the lawmakers just want to keep the public in a permanent state of anxiety and even fear with niggling rules and regulations which vary in level at different aiports. For example in Dallas I was asked to take my handkerchief out of my pocket before entering the X-ray machine, and that is a first anywhere on the planet, and there is a lot of planet that we visit!!

To the show. Again a shed, some corporate seats around the mixer but thankfully no tables and these (more comfortable) seats seemed to be full of fans. A really good atmosphere, around 11,000 in all. It all went very well, the screens here were big and of good quality so would have looked good at the back. By the way we have Dave P here with us on the whole tour to work on the editing of the screens so coverage is really good. If you don't have someone to edit who really knows the music and where pyro etc is it can be tough to really "get" the show, especially the guitar solos as we have 3 guitarists and a lot of solos, and we know you guys want to see these. We have been having problems with Nicko's remote cameras so far so you have not been seeing much of him but I can assure you this is not personal!! Timing on Big Eddie is coming together well, its key to the impact that he comes out and rises in harmony with the music and equally important that he goes back in his box at the right time and this improved a lot today and will soon be perfect. So all in all another good show and another good audience, which of course is to be expected in Texas, so thanks Texas for the welcome and your appreciative response. Well worth returning to see y'all and I promise we will be back!!

Captain Bruce goes Texan!

Texas lights.

After the show it was straight back to the airport for the 3 hour flight into LA. We have a couple of days off as Dave took the plane back to Maui for his daughter's Graduation and we are all very proud of Tasha -- well done! University next year and Dave and Tamar are very proud of her too of course. Dave flies back Sunday to pick us all up at LAX then on to Albuquerque for what promises to be a huge show there.
So far, so good!!

Bruce's Top Gun mates.

They get younger in Houston!!

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