31 Jul 2008 - Rod's Diary - Horsens


I was up at a reasonable time and headed out to pick up an English paper and the local ones at the Station and walked over to the Dubliners to get a fine Irish Breakfast, with lots of coffee!! I wanted to check the reviews and although I couldn't understand them the coverage was incredible. National and local papers gave us lots of space, not only the concert, which was given top marks by every one I saw, but also the football, the party, in fact everything we had done in our couple of days in Gothenburg. We sure seemed to have been busy but then we do like to enjoy the great places we are able to visit and play. And the paparazzi were out in force to document it all for us! Thanks guys.  GT, a big national paper, committed the full cover (including 5 bees for top rating!!) and a further EIGHT pages to Maiden, 2 for the football match, 2 for the show, 2 for our audience and 2 for the party and other "social events"!!  Can you imagine that sort  of coverage by a major British Sunday Newspaper for a concert or the visit of any band? Now I don't understand any of the Nordic languages and as they are not Latin based like say French or Spanish (I studied Latin at school!)  It is very difficult for me to understand but the pics looked great and the words I could vaguely understand all looked very positive. Varldsbast? Perfekt? I think we should thank the Nordic journalists for being so generous. Perhaps it's the strong beer up there!!

Headline news!!

Sadly leaving Sweden.

Mid afternoon it was down to the lobby to head off to the airport to fly to Horsens. This is a very small town in the south of Denmark but due to its location gets a lot of big concerts, even the Stones I think. Our stage was set up in a big flat carpark but was far better than that sounds. We have never done that well in Denmark for some reason so only had a crowd of about 13,000 but as often happens they made up for the lack of size with plenty of noise, so thanks everyone.

I talked to our promoter Fleming before the show and he said he had done everything he could to get more people along including a quite innovative piece of promotion -- a container on its end filled with 25 tons of sand to keep it stable with the show details on the side and placed by a motorway with apparently 74,000 (yes that exact!) cars passing every day. Sadly this didn't tempt more Danes to come and see us!

A bit of a come down after the fantasic successes of the previous few days and the number of people we played to, but this has never concerned the band, they gave it everything anyway and I don't think anyone in the audience would have seen it differently. So a smaller, but still very good, end to our Nordic journey, ten days or so that we will remember for a long time.

After the show most of us headed straight back to the airport and back home. A couple of days off, then on to the mighty Wacken festival and 70,000 or so committed headbangers at this the European Metal Festival of the year. But more of this later.

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