FTTB 2022

Greetings, Troopers!

It's our pleasure to see the return of Iron Maiden to the live stage and one of the coolest benefits of joining the Iron Maiden Fan Club – the legendary First to the Barrier draw in which Iron Maiden give you the chance to win early-access to select venues so you can get front and centre for the action.

First to the Barrier is a privilege though, and to see it continued we'll need everyone's courtesy and cooperation. On show days, those venues are Iron Maiden's house and we are their guests. So please carefully read the official policy below before entering the draw.

Good luck to all of you who are entering, and...


The Iron Maiden Fan Club


First To The Barrier - legacy of the beast tour 2022

What is First To The Barrier?

First To The Barrier (FTTB) is an Iron Maiden Fan Club benefit open to all members. It is your opportunity to bag a spot right at the front of the barrier for any shows for which you have bought standing tickets, along with one guest of your choice.

The FTTB draw is usually over-subscribed for each show, meaning an FTTB application does not automatically guarantee a place. Selection of successful applicants is therefore made at random. Successful FTTB applicants are informed via email and will receive details of where and when to meet at the show, where they are able enter the venue prior to the rest of the audience.

It should be noted that we will be enforcing a strict zero tolerance policy concerning any potential abuse of the system or unacceptable behaviour or harassment towards either the IMFC, Iron Maiden tour staff, or venue staff. Any IMFC members in contravention of this policy will be asked to leave the show and will receive a lifetime ban from the IMFC. 

Also, please understand that this is just early entry - there is no 'golden circle', there is no holding your space at the front - you grab your spot and it's up to you to keep it.

How do I apply for FTTB?

Ensure you are logged in to your IMFC online account. Click on the entry button further down the page and go through the steps, add to basket and check out. Don't worry, FTTB is free, we're just using the store's ticketing system for the draw entries.

You'll get an email confirming that you're in the draw. Then you just need to wait...

Did I win?

We'll send an email out to winners 5 days before the show date to let them know they've won, and then a further mail with details specific to that gig. Please make sure you've whitelisted our no-reply mailer address - - so we don't go to spam!


First to the barrier is only open to Fan Club members - make sure you are logged in

**North and South America shows for the second leg of the tour have now been added - get your entries in**

  • How many people can win?
    We pick 60 winners from the FC, all of whom can bring a friend. So that's 120 people in total.

  • Can I apply for FTTB more than once?
    You can apply for FTTB for as many shows as you like, providing you have standing tickets for those shows. There's no point applying for the same show multiple times though, we de-duplicate the entries before picking!

  • What kind of ticket do I need?
    Prior to applying for FTTB, you must already have standing tickets for you and your guest. If different levels of standing tickets are available for a show, you need the ones that would normally let you stand at the front by the stage

  • How do you choose the winners?
    After de-duplicating the entries (so there is only 1 per person) we use a random number generator to fill a column on the spreadsheet of entries. Then we sort by this random number and the lowest 60 win.

  • How do I know if I won?
    We'll email you at your registered FC address, no later than 5 days before the show.  You should whitelist our no-reply mailer address - - just to be on the safe side.


I WON...
  • Does my guest also have to be an IMFC member?

  • I don't have any friends...
    If you jump onto the forum with an FTTB place going spare, you'll likely make some...

  • Can I sell my FTTB space? Or my guest space?
    No. If we catch you doing this (don't think we don't see it in your little groups on facebook), your name will be pulled from the list.

  • Can I transfer my space?
    No - honestly we don't need the admin hassle of people changing their minds back and forth (it happens) and having to chase around. Use your spot or don't, it's up to you.

  • When will you tell me where to go?
    We'll always try and get the meeting point info out to you the day before the show. But in extreme cases, sometimes it will be the same day as the show.

  • I need to bring ID?
    Yes please. We may want to check that you are who you say you are.

  • I need to flex on the internet...
    Cool but please don't post a screengrab of the 'here's where to go email'. Yes you get to feel special and yes your friends will be really impressed, but some cretin is going to turn up at that meeting point and claim to be you...  So keep the meeting point to yourself, please.

  • It's show day. Now what?
    Follow the instructions in the email. In short, you'll need to turn up maybe an hour before the doors time, and you'll be let in 15 minutes before everyone else.

  • Can I go hang at the bar til Maiden come on?
    Nope, if you want to be at the front, you're staying there from doors to the end of the show. Prepare accordingly!


FTTB RULES (aka The Small Print)

  1. To apply for FTTB, both you and your guest must already have purchased a standing area ticket to the show(s) for which you are applying.
  2. If you are a successful FTTB applicant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you check your email for the designated meeting point information which you will be emailed prior to the show.
  3. Your FTTB guest is your responsibility during entrance to the venue and for the duration of the show.
  4. Selling of FTTB places is strictly prohibited. Any IMFC members abusing this privilege will receive a lifetime ban from the IMFC.
  5. FTTB places are not transferable. If you are unable to make the show, your FTTB place will be forfeited.
  6. Be respectful to your fellow FTTB and other audience members.
  7. Any abuse or behaviour we deem to be unacceptable towards other audience members, Iron Maiden staff, or venue staff will result in ejection from FTTB and a lifetime ban from the IMFC.
  8. The IMFC reserves the right to cancel any successful FTTB applications either in advance, on the day, or in the future.
  9. FTTB is only available at Iron Maiden's own shows, and never at festivals.
  10. FTTB is governed by the age limit of the show's venue – you may not apply or bring a guest if you or they are under the given age limit as the venue will not let you in.
  11. Failure of you and your guest to arrive at the venue's designated FTTB meeting point in time will result in the forfeit of your FTTB place.
  12. Failure of you or your guest to present the correct standing ticket will result in the forfeit of your FTTB place.
  13. If you are a winner, please DO NOT post the details of the meeting point on the internet.
  14. All FTTB entries must be made via the website. Postal applications will not be accepted.
  15. By entering FTTB, you are stating that you are taking responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing throughout the duration of the show at the front of the barrier. While Iron Maiden and management – along with each show promoter and venue managers – follow all existing safety regulations for audiences, be aware that you should be fit and healthy to tolerate standing for an extended period of time at the barrier and that you are present at your own risk. Iron Maiden and band management cannot be held responsible for your position at the barrier beyond ensuring your early entry to the venue. The management cannot be held responsible for guaranteeing or reserving any position at the front of the barrier which may be lost should you leave your place.
  16. FTTB is subject to the pertinent venue's Covid-19 policy.