Jan 30th, 2012

Become A Part Of Eddie

To celebrate the release of their definitive hits compilation 'Edward the Great' Iron Maiden are asking their fans to quite literally become a part of the album. The aim is to create a mosiac version of the Edward the Great artwork compiled entirely from pictures taken by the bands fans over their long career.

Viewed from a distance this will look like Eddie but on closer inspection it's revealed to actually be composed of thousands of seperate fan pics - each one literally becoming 'a bit of a beast'. A limited edition print run of the finished poster will provide prizes for a selection of the best photos recieved. The images themselves can be live shots, band shots, portraits of fans or their mates - anything that means Maiden to the fans.

In addition to the poster the fan pics will also be displayed in a special Iron Maiden screensaver. Once installed this will randomly pull the pics from a database, constantly supplying changing material for the screensaver & giving the fans a platform to view each others pics.